Live Cams, But Not In A Sexy Way


We watch live cams.

When I say “we”, I mean when Randy has the remote, I am forced to watch live cams as well. We don’t watch freaky live cams.

Mostly, Randy likes the train live cam. But there is also the eagle cam, Jackson Hole and Venice.

He starts most evenings checking out Main street in La Grange, KY. I don’t know if this is his favorite train live cam, but I do know it was one of the first.

I have to cross over railroad tracks to and from work. I hate when I get stopped by the stupid train.

Sometimes, the train stops on the track for a long time. I find that frustrating. Then, I go home and watch cars stopped waiting for the motherfucking train to go by. Humans are so weird.

I mean, I watch the trains if there is actually a train.

These cameras are fixed. So, usually, it’s just an intersection in a small Kentucky town or a mountain pass in California.

Watching intersections doesn’t bother Randy. He’s happy to watch the intersection.

Randy: Did you see that? Motherfucker just blew through the stop sign.

Me: We’re actually not in a car. We are in the comfort of our own home. Yet, you’re still bitching at the other drivers.

Randy also enjoys the live eagle cam. He watches eagles sit on the eggs and watches the baby grow up. He names the babies. Beaky 1, Beaky 2 and now we’re on Beaky 3. Or at least we were.

Me: I hate to tell you this, baby.

Randy: No.

Me: Beaky 3 was too small to fly.

Randy: No.

Me: Beaky 3 hasn’t been in the nest for a few days now.


Me: Beaky either launched himself out of the nest or Beaky was something’s lunch.

Randy: Those eagles are negligent parents.

Me: It’s the circle of life. Now go get me a sandwich.


If you’ve read this far and are looking for a point? Well, I guess there is as much of a point to this blog post as there is a point to live train cams.

Last week, I told you that my mom had a stroke. She is doing really well and on her way to a complete recovery.

My project isn’t complete, but is progressing.

Last week, I had to make an overnight trip to Michigan. The drive was grueling and we had a few issues, but in the end, we prevailed.

I am tired.

I have disconnected somewhat from everything political. Not permanently, but for a few days or so. I need a break.

Watching live cams with Randy is comforting and familiar.

Plus, it’s fun to make fun of him for watching.

Besides, he falls asleep way before I do. I wait for that first head nod and then turn on something with ghosts or werewolves or zombies or aliens. Because even supernatural scary things are less stressful than politics right now.



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  • I LOVE the live cams! We keep an aquarium one or the Alaska bears on at the library <3 Much better than the political conundrums going on.
    So happy to hear all the good news, 'specially 'bout Mama <3 She's a peach and I need her insights proxied by you!
    Have a lovely, peaceful and productive week <3

  • When I got to the part about there not really being a point I thought, wow, that’s a very clever meta-commentary on the nature of watching live webcams. And then I had the video of the La Grange webcam going in the background and a fire truck went by and I thought there was an actual fire truck outside my office, which is a not so clever commentary on why you shouldn’t leave webcams running in the background.
    Anyway I’m glad things are going okay. I don’t think any more point than that is necessary.

    • Hahaha..yeah, those firetrucks will fool you every time. Both of my sons have been at that intersection and called us so we could see them on TV. Joey did a little dance for us.

  • I check the webcams in my small home town every morning when I get to work. If my timing is right I can see the sunrise. My one obsession is a person who plows a sidewalk with his four wheeler. I’ve never seen him/her in action. I just see that a long stretch along a busy road is cleared. Who is this bundled-up soul committed to pushing snow before dawn? I may never solve the mystery but it amuses me.

  • A friend sends me daily Facebook videos from Single Vision, Inc. which is an animal sanctuary (I believe in Florida) where they show the videos of their ‘near tame’ rescues. A lion, bear and wolf all play together and go swimming together. A Mama bear just gave birth to 2 cubs who are 1 month old and just opening their eyes. It’s wonderfully entertaining (even though not live viewing). They have a White Tiger who hangs out with other tigers. Just beautiful and takes your mind off the outside world for a while.

    I admit I watched Christopher’s train video for longer than I should have, but I needed the peace.

  • Aha! I think I figured it out. I tried to post a comment three times and failed, even from the other browser, so you might have some comments stuck in your filters somewhere, but I just got through by signing on as Doug in Oakland instead of Doug in Sugar Pine. OK. One more time:
    I’m really glad that your mom is doing OK.
    Politics are indeed off into the “requires self care” zone, so I have been leaning heavily on music, like I do, and also taking daily walks up to the mill pond to hang with the geese and duck.
    My favorite cam (taken offline when the owner moved away) was called “Phoebe Allens” and was a cam mounted on a board in Irvine CA, that focused on a hummingbird’s nest in a rose bush. One time when the clutch of eggs, each the size of a tic-tac, was about to hatch, there were 500 people watching. Once everyone freaked out when a lizard could be seen crawling up the branch, menacing the baby hummingbirds in their golf ball sized nest, but someone managed to alert the owner, who showed up just in time to escort the lizard to another part of the yard.
    These days I usually tune in to the CAS penguin cam at 10:30 AM for the feeding of the African penguins. They also feed them at 3:00 PM if I remember correctly.

    • I love this so much! I’m glad the babies were saved from the lizard.

      I think you’d be fine posting as Doug from Sugar Pine if there isn’t a link involved. I think it wants a person to comment dozens of times before it’s not mistrustful of a link.

      Also, I appreciate the link!

  • today’s sound of the wind on the train cam is really comforting. Kinda blocks out the noise from the office below. (old wood mill building, their ceiling is my floor.) I love that the kids have called you so you can watch them on the cam.
    I’m glad your mom is okay.
    New politics, old politics. Yesterday my father was telling me about “during the war,” (in 1940s Germany) and he said it is amazing that Germany has changed so much since he was a kid. He’s kind of out of it sometimes, but he is really worried about today politics as well, and so disappointed by the impeachment vote.

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