I Have A Mask To Sell. It’s For a Good Cause


About six weeks ago, I tweeted a picture of a mask I painted. Someone sent me a direct message and wanted to buy one. I hadn’t thought about selling them and tried calculating the cost of the materials and shipping and told him I would paint one for him for 25.00. He messaged back and said that sounded good.

After I bought the materials, I thought it would be a pain the ass to collect money for the mask, so I messaged him and said that I would send him the mask, and in return he could make a 25.00 dollar donation to a kickstarter of his choice.

Then I never heard from him again.

I painted two masks and they’ve been sitting on my liquor cabinet ever since. I thought about writing a post and offering to send them to readers in return for making a donation to a kickstarter of their choice. I wasn’t in love with that idea, though.

Until today.

I talk with a woman on Twitter named Victoria. She’s gorgeous and funny and kind and loves to drink punch as much as I do.

I learned today that she is gravely ill.

She went to the hospital in July thinking she had appendicitis and left with a diagnosis of cancer in her liver. She says the medical bills are killing her faster than the cancer is. I hate this for her. I hate it for anyone who is ill.

What I am proposing is that I will send two readers one of these masks, in return they will pledge a donation the size of their choice towards Victoria’s medical bills.

mask one


Here’s to many more punch drinking years for Victoria.

With rainbow sherbet.

mask two

If more than two people want the masks, then I will have my son decide who to send them to, because no way will I be able to do that shit. Also, if it works for you, I’d like to ask you to share this post and see if we can do some good for Victoria.

I have a third mask that I have hanging on the lattice around my deck, they seem to be fairly sturdy as it’s stood it’s ground against the elements so far. Also, my son and his friends wore the masks once it and the effect was fairly creepy, so you could wear the mask and scare small children, but I don’t recommend that. Unless they are on your lawn…then all bets are off.

Thank you and FUCK cancer.

If you’d like a mask, just leave a comment and we’ll work it out. In case you missed the link earlier, HERE it is again. Click to donate..every bit helps.

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