Mother’s Day and Big, Fat, Wide Open Mouths

These baby birds are right outside our front door. There are four of them.

We have four kids, One for each bird.

baby birds

I was worried when I saw the nest with eggs in it. We would scare the momma away every time we used the front door. The nest is low to the ground and we do have a few stray cats in the neighborhood.

I worried they wouldn’t make it.

I worried the day that we had a downpour and they looked like four little saturated dead baby birds.

They are tougher than they look.

I look at the picture of their wide open mouths and I can’t help but think of my kids.


No, really. Looking at these big, fat, wide open mouths does make me think of my kids. Our children are very different personality-wise. But one way they are alike is that not one of them is afraid to open their mouth and give an opinion.

They’re not uncomfortable about laughing when they find something funny or voicing their displeasure when they see or hear something that they don’t like. ย They can openly discuss ideas or fears, and in the case of my baby boy, questions about dating since he’s just entered the wide world of dating recently.

They aren’t afraid of their own voice.

I love this. I love that aren’t afraid to be heard.

I suspect they are also tougher than they look.

That doesn’t stop me from worrying when it rains.

Happy Mother’s day.


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By Michelle


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