Just Like That: I am a lyricist and my first song is about a penis

Okay, it wasn’t “just like that”.

It took a while.

A few years ago, my friend Mountain Girl and I challenged each other to write outside our comfort zone.

She is the singer and keyboard player for the Madison’s and has written scores of songs. But not many stories.

I had never written a song.

So, she was supposed to write a story and I was supposed to write a song.

She wrote her amazing story.

I did not write a song.

Months passed.

She nagged.

And then I realized that I couldn’t write the song about the subject she provided because I didn’t connect to it.

I have no idea why I decided to get inspiration from a blog post.

I wrote about the first penis I saw.

This story, the story about the first time I saw a dick, has always been a go to story for me. I’ve always found it quirky and funny.

But then when I started writing lyrics about it, I realized how awful the experience was. How betrayed I was. How young I was.

Again, I don’t think it affected me in a terrible way. I’ve processed much worse.

But it was interesting to write the lyrics and how much more honest this song is than my blog post.

Also, Mountain Girl totally fixed the lyrics. I love her.

And now The Madison’s have a new record out. About Tomorrow.

Give them a listen, they are amazing. The song I have the writing credit on is called Tattoo.

I am so honored to be included.

I am thrilled to have a song writing credit, because that certainly wasn’t something I had ever even considered.

Mountain Girl and The Madison’s are so talented. I hope you enjoy this.

About Tomorrow on YouTube

About Tomorrow on Spotify

About Tomorrow Apple ITunes

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