My Love Must Be A Kite


I love misheard lyrics. They crack me up.

Personally, I’ve collected quite a few of my own over the years. I really thought I had cycled through all of them, but no. I had one cleared up just this morning.

Randy sent me a text that said: My love must be a kind of blind love…

Me: Awwww

Randy: I thought I’d give you a good earworm.

I thought about it. Earworm? This is a song? What song?

And then it hit me. This is the beginning of ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ by The Flamingos. One of my favorite songs. I love everything about that song. It sounds like love and Summer and it always makes me smile.

That being said, until this morning, I thought the song said: My love must be a kite of my love.

Which makes NO sense at all.

That one isn’t as bad as my problem with a Ringo Starr song. In the song ‘Photograph’ where he says: All I’ve got is a photograph and I realize you aren’t coming back anymore..

I thought he was saying: All I’ve got is a bowl of crap.

It wasn’t until I saw him perform that song on Saturday Night Live that I realized I had been singing it wrong for DECADES. Even when I was a little kid, I thought it was weird. Bowl of crap? Wouldn’t you rather just have nothing?

Here are some other ones I’ve heard over the years:

My second husband was singing ‘Money Talks’ by AC/DC Β and he sang: Money talks…Jesus walks…

Ummm, dude…that is ‘Money talks, BS walks’. You the saying? Money talks, bullshit walks? He fucking argued with me over it.

And some of these were mine, others I’ve just read or heard elsewhere:

There’s a bad moon on the rise = There’s a bathroom on the right.

There’s a bad moon on the rise = There’s a baboon on your right.

Excuse me while I kiss the sky = Excuse me while I punch this guy.

I’ll never be your beast of burden = I’ll never be your pizza burnin’.

And this last one…a girl I used to work with got this one wrong and I’ve NEVER been able to work it out:

Raspberry Beret = I’m your stereo man.

Now, fess up. You know you have a list of misheard lyrics. Tell me what they are. I promise not to laugh.

Okay, I might laugh. A little.


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