My Own Theme Song


Not even kidding. I now have my own motherfucking theme song.

My last blog post featured some incredible musicians that I admire a great deal.

Anyway, my beautiful and talented friend, Lizzie Harrah, one of the women I wrote about, was kind enough to write me a theme song.

I can’t think of many things that have happened in my life that is more cool than getting a theme song written for me. Seriously…how many people get their own theme song? What percentage of humans get their own THEME SONG?

Honestly, I have no idea…but I bet it’s not many.

Now? Well….now I need lyrics.

You guys want to help me out with that? Just a few words or a phrase. Listen to the music, also known as Michelle’s Theme..also known as my OWN MOTHERFUCKING THEME SONG.

I’m going to ask Randy to write the lyrics, I wrote about singers and songwriters the other day and neglected to mention my husband who writes lyrics for Nature Of Ghosts. In my defense, I was writing about women artists.

Anyway, I’m going to get his help with the lyrics, but I’d really like to have some input from you guys.

So leave a comment…just a few words or a couplet or a phrase..whatever comes to mind.

I have the following words and/or phrases covered:

Fuck You.

Fuck This.

What The Fuck?

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Oh, FUCK That.

Do I Have To Go To Work?

Fuck Going To Work.

I think I see a pattern here. Obviously, I need help. I am honestly stumped. I have no idea what I would say in my own theme song. The only thing that is coming to mind, is the theme song from The Greatest American Hero. That doesn’t really work though and also it’s already been done.




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