National Tequila Spillin Day

So, I wrote this last month, when it was still Summer. This post has just been sitting here, all dressed up and waiting and I’ve ignored it. I appreciate it now, though.

I am beyond exhausted today. You know that deep down tired you get where you are actually sweating from tiredness? My eyelids weigh a ton and the act of typing on my keyboard is taking a herculean effort. I’m so tired that I’m battling a need to start searching symptoms on WebMD because this kind of tired can only mean one thing: I have finally that disease (not sure which one yet because I haven’t started my search) that is going to take me down.

Or I need some sleep and need to detox from my blur of a weekend.

Randy and I decided to celebrate National Tequila Spillin by participating to the fullest and also by making up a national holiday.

Many people celebrate this holiday by drinking tequila and then not spilling it because spilling it is actually bad.

I celebrated by knocking an entire shot of tequila over on the table cloth. And this was my first shot, I hadn’t even had anything to drink yet. Randy celebrated in a more subtle way by splashing a glob of tequila out of a shot glass as he attempted to replace the shot I lost.

Glob is the technical term for how much tequila Randy spilled. It’s more than a spritz but less than a puddle.

It’s also National Thrift Shop day which is so fucking much better than National Tequila Spillin Day.

I’m celebrating by eating Greek pasta salad that I got in the clearance section of the grocery store this morning. It has everything in it that makes my acid reflux flare up. Cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, peppers. On top of a double shot of tequila. Pretty sure I”m going to end up my National Tequila Spillin day with the perfect storm of stomach acid. For the record, I am aware of how dumb it is to do that. Fuck it, if you can’t be dumb on National Tequila Spillin day, when CAN you be dumb?

Summer isn’t over yet. It’s still got a whole month to go. It’s not days away. Even though it’s been unseasonably cool this Summer, we haven’t felt that little under chill that blows in and feels like Fall way before all the leaves are off the trees. But still, it’s getting there. School starts next week which means Summer is kinda over.

The flowers on my deck really didn’t thrive the way I planned. The morning glories are just vines. But the vines are pretty. We never did fill up the hummingbird feeders which has pissed off a few hummingbirds, I can tell you. We bought some mums today and I shoved them in closest to the pots with the saddest flowers and now it looks much better. I hope they last the Fall. I didn’t re-pot them. I’m sure there is probably a good reason to replant the mums and it’s probably a reason I should know by now, but I don’t. I should also be better at geography and not use my calculator to multiply single digit numbers.

The gold finches didn’t really make a big comeback, but we have wood peckers galore and we did have those baby robins right outside our front door.

Just like a lot of people, I feel blue when the Summer season is preparing for it’s end. But I don’t hate Fall, in fact I love it. It’s my favorite of the 4 seasons. I don’t love Winter but I can tolerate it. And that is very nearly true!

I think this year, I am not going to get real sad. I’m not going to be depressed about Summer ending. I am just looking forward to Fall beginning. I think if I say this enough times then it will for sure be true.

Either way, the end of Summer will come regardless of how I feel about it. Just as this National Tequila Spillin day will come to an end. I hope you and your loved ones were able to spend National Tequila Spillin day in a manner that was beneficial to every member of your family.

Now, maybe I can get Randy to fill those hummingbird feeders up.








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  • My mind latched on to one concept presented here, for god knows what reason. A pissed off hummingbird. How would you know? I mean, they’re always so frantic and hovering, and they’re so tiny, it’s not like they could shit all over your car in righteous vengeance.
    I’m tired, too. I think I may take a tap at lunchtime.

  • Hummingbirds area some mean creatures. They are like a swarm of hornets sometimes, I used to now want to fill their feeder considering they tried to attack me when I did.

    Snow White, I am not.

  • my last dance with tequila spun out of control with a gallbladder attack which i confirmed with wedMD which i trust with my life.
    i now admire tequila from a far.

  • Depressed about Summer reading? The only thing depressing about it is that it always comes back! We librarians plan for Summer reading at least 10 months ahead of it, and it’s exhausting. I need all the tequila days to recover!

    • Wait, what did I just write?! What did I just think I read?! Jeebus. So sorry. We are already in the throes of next years Summer reading planning and I’m “seeing it” everywhere. You said Summer ENDING. Lordy. It’s Monday. Give me the tequila (and don’t spill it).

  • Just as long as he doesn’t get confused and fill the hummingbird feeder up with tequila. Then they would really be pissed (in a different sense of the word).

  • I think this year, I’ve gotten kind of pissed at the end of summer. Like, I feel ROBBED, because summer failed to launch. I tell this to people around me and they’re like “Oh, we had those 11 1/2 days in July, and that’s when I discover my gift to the world is my lack of gift: I cannot, in fact, harm people with just my mind.

    I also feel like I should know a reason for why it’s good to repot mums, but I don’t know either. Ah well.

    • I’m glad I can’t harm people with my mind because it would become my hobby and I would be robbed of all humanity.

      Yeah, we really didn’t have much of a Summer at all.

  • Morning Glory is my birth flower and I have a tattoo of them on my arm. They are beautiful but can be deadly, for animals mostly, so be careful if you have any pets that they don’t munch on the vines.

    Tequila spilling is just not ok. I mean it’s alcohol abuse really isn’t it…

  • Quit spilling the tequila — there is a crazy women in New Mexico who is, at this moment, sadly sober — and you are wasting perfectly good liquor. Shame on you.

  • Oh, my…..I gave away my virginity fueled by tequila sunrises……lo those many many many years ago. Couldn’t drink the stuff until a few years ago when I discovered the GOOD stuff in Mexico. Then I went to bed and the bed wouldn’t stop spinning…..but I digress.

    I too love the fall – it is my favourite season, but summer is definitely a close second and I will miss it. But I am with you…..I will not be too sad, but look at the glass half full (of tequila).

  • OK first I missed National Coffee Day and now I’ve missed Tequila Spilling Day? Apparently I have wasted this whole fucking month! When is Sleep in Really late and Eat Potato Chips for Breakfast Day? Was it today? I sure hope so.

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