Nothing feels right since I saw the UFOs

I’m not kidding. We didn’t see a UFO, we saw a bunch of UFO’s.

It wasn’t that long ago, it was before, when the coronavirus was close, but still just something we were reading about.

Anyway, it was around 8:30pm EST. I would tell you the date. I don’t remember and too lazy to look it up.

Sitting on our front porch, I noticed a plane which seemed ridiculously high up, like in space.

The plane looked more like a star than a plane, but was moving. I thought it might be a meteor for a moment, but it was moving in a controlled fashion,

Then, I noticed another one behind. And another and another. There were 7 equally spaced apart and moving at the same rate of speed.

It took a minute. I stared for a few minutes going “What the hell? Wait. What?”

I opened the front door and yelled for Joey and Randy.

Joey came out first. I pointed them out. He said “That’s just a plane.” And then he said “What the fuck is that?”

Randy joined us and pointed out a second string of lights moving parallel to the first one.

I’m not going to lie. I was the teeniest bit freaked out. I mean, I felt like I was handling it fine and then I realized I couldn’t feel my legs.

I posted the whole thing on Twitter and the consensus was that it was Elon Musk’s Skylink.

Which made perfect sense, but up until I saw dozens of UFOs in the sky, I hadn’t really heard or read much about Skylink. Hence, my rubbery legs.


Someone on Twitter suggested I contact MUFON.

I had never heard of MUFON, but thought it couldn’t hurt. MUFON monitors and investigates UFO sightings. I filled out a form explaining my experience.

The form asked me things like, “Where you abducted?” “Did you see an entity?”

The very last option was “strange lights”. Check.

There was a section that asked if I had consumed alcohol or recreational drugs.

I felt like that section could have been blown out a little more.

During your sighting, had you consumed alcohol or recreational drugs?  Yes or No

Are you sure? Yes or No

C’mon, not even a few drinks? Yes or No

Maybe a little puff puff? Yes or No

No? Really? Yes or No

Okay, if you are really sure. Yes or No

Then, I remembered that I could make fun as much as I wanted, but I was still filling out their form.

Also, I fibbed a tiny bit on the alcohol or recreational drugs question.

I got an email from Thomas who was the investigator assigned to my case. He said there were multiple reports from my area. I thanked him and said that we suspected it was Skylink.

A few days later, Thomas confirmed we did indeed see some of Elon Musk’s Skylink.

It was weird, though, for that night. Unsettling and bizarre.

Then, we got a pandemic.

So, you know, the unsettling bizarreness is just starting.

I hope you all are safe. I hope you are all healthy.

I know we’re supposed to not touch our faces. Apparently, I am obsessed with touching my face. I did not know this about me. I guess I’m checking to see if it is still there? Either way, I’m thinking of changing my name to Face Touchy McTouchyFace.

Wash your hands.

Remember we are in this together. Be kind. Be patient. And for all that is fucking holy, don’t hoard things.


Image courtesy of Michal Jarmoluk



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  • I might feel better about all this if I had seen the UFOs…
    What a fun interaction with the UFO people, tho! I called the Queens Public Library for some help on a Spanish cataloging problem and I admit to a bit of ‘Fangirl’ behaviour.
    Aren’t you a(n) UFO aficionado? – That email could be the highlight of your year 😉
    And I woulda needed extra alcohol if my legs went numb. How do they expect you to have the courage to fill out the questionnaire?
    I like the new meme I saw – ‘If you are hoarding soap, other people can’t wash their hands.’ …or, something like that 😀

  • Face Touchy McTouchyFace made me laugh out loud, something I haven’t been doing much of lately.
    Also do you remember the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind? When the government had them put on face masks because they told them that there was poison in the air to hide the people from going to see the UFO?? This whole thing we are going through has a very Close Encounters of the Third Kind feel.

  • I’d feel better if Elon Musk came out and said that it was Skylink that was seen. Or had it been advertised as visible in the night sky at X O’Clock (like meteor showers or eclipses, etc.).

    I once saw a completely black plane, flying low at night (and no sound) with red “landing lights” running down the middle. I was alone and by the time I got my husband outside it was mostly gone (it was a different color black than the actual night). I called the non-emergency police who politely told me I was seeing things. I still don’t know what I saw, but was certainly not seeing things. I had heard about the planes that the military had that were supposed to be ‘invisible’, and wonder if I didn’t actually see one of them. Spooky – but at least you got a possible explanation so you can sleep at night. Or not.

  • It feels like the world would make more sense if we were seeing UFOs right now. Then again I’ve always believed there must be aliens out there, even if there are numerous reasons why we may not have encountered them yet. Anyway at this point I don’t care if they’re friendly or hostile or indifferent. Just a little “yeah, you’re not alone” would feel nice.
    Maybe I feel that way because I just started working from home and it’s kind of freaking me out. I’m glad to be taking precautions and not hoarding but trying to avoid going out as much as possible. Hey, is it too early to start drinking?

  • So much for people coming together in a “crisis”. Now would be a really great time for common sense to make a strong comeback. I cannot stop touching my face. I’ve been rubbing my lips when I’m stressed or just thinking of something since I was a teenager! Thank God chapstick is still available. I want to see aliens! Stay safe Michelle!

  • I try to watch the ISS whenever it flies over, but I hadn’t heard of being able to see Elon Musk’s satellites. Is there a website that tells when they are visible, like there is for the ISS?” Yes, there is, and it described them as “a brilliant string of pearls” in the night sky.
    Perhaps I’ll try to catch a glimpse of them, as the night sky is dazzling up here away from all of the light pollution.
    That is, it’s dazzling when the weather is clear.
    Right now it’s snowing, which is inconvenient for walks up to the mill pond, but really good news after the bone-dry January and February we had.
    The last time I walked up to the mill pond, I met a neighbor who was walking down thew hill. He greeted me warmly and went to shake my hand, stopped, said “Nope, coronavirus” and bumped elbows with me.
    Perhaps we’ll live through this after all.

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