Oh, Look! Something Sparkly

I get emails from companies asking me to review their product quite often. Usually, when I tell them how much I charge, they just go away. Because if they ain’t paying, I ain’t reviewing.

Unless, they send me something sparkly.

I am not getting paid for this post, this is a review, and I can say whatever I want.

I am drunk with power.

Or maybe gin.

Haha. Just kidding. I never drink on school nights.

Anyway, I got an email from Majesty Diamonds asking me to review their product. I scanned the email and as my finger hovered over the delete button, I saw this sentence:

“Please pick from this list the jewelry you would like to review.”

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I am so much a fan of sparkly things. Plus, free jewelry. What’s not to love about that?

I chose a pearl necklace with cubic zircon accents.

First of all, I adore the box the necklace came in. It’s solid and has a wicked spring and makes the most wonderful snapping noise when you close it. It actually scared my kitties when I closed the box.

If you clicked the link, then you know what the necklace looks like. The only negative I have about this necklace, and it’s not all that negative, is the accents are smaller in real life than they appear in the picture. I don’t mind at all, it is just slightly misleading.

The necklace looks quite fetching. It has a decent weight and didn’t flip around even once when I wore it Monday. Necklaces always flip around on me. If I am wearing a necklace, then I am probably displaying the wrong side of the pendant. Not the case here and I checked multiple times throughout the day. The chain is dainty and girly, but not horrible to clasp. I suck at the clasping part. I have the fine motor skills of a toddler.

I might have just insulted all toddlers.

Anyway, after a few tries and I got the necklance on. I didn’t even have to ask Randy for help. Which, honestly, would have been a waste of time. His manual dexterity is even worse than mine. He would argue the point, but this isn’t his blog, is it? Hahahaha. Again, drunk with power here.

I work in a small office. I thought I would just see if I got any compliments on my new necklace and I did. I work with 19 other people. 3 of them complimented my necklace, which is actually a good number because I usually get zero compliments.

Like I said, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and I certainly don’t buy a lot of jewelry. I assume $59.00 for a pearl solitaire necklace is a decent price.

All in all, I would give my new necklace two thumbs up. It’s fancy, but not gaudy. I would try to give you advice on what to wear it with, but I absolutely zero fashion sense. My advice would be to wear the necklace whenever you feel like it, which is exactly what I’m going to be doing. It’s also kind of nice to have a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry to wear in case Randy and I get to do something fancy.

HAHAHAHAH. Or, I will just wear it to work now and then.

They also gave me a membership card that gives you a 15% discount on their products. I already have my free necklace, so I am set on sparkly things for the moment. I would love to pass it along to one of you if you would like to get your own sparkly item.

I’m going to make this simple. The first person to ask, gets the discount.

I promise, my next post won’t be a commercial.

18 Thoughts.

  1. LOL 🙂
    I don’t wear jewelry so I’m happily putting this off to ‘Next!’
    Fun review and they should pay you cuz I’m sharing 😀
    And Tweeting!!
    Two-fer 😀

  2. Sparkly!
    I often stop mid sentence to say something else, and just apologize to my family by saying “bright and shiny!”
    I don’t wear the sparkly things either, and when I do, it is my grandmother’s. Partly because I would have to stop to often to say “bright and shiny!” But good on you for getting a free sparkly to review.
    Thanks for the mid-week post, it brightened my day. 🙂
    For the discount, go to “Next.”

  3. I made jewelry for a while, and it’s hard to get it to hang correctly, especially if it’s light like that. $59 seems like a good deal. I used to get that much wholesale, so if you like it, you really made out.
    And I’m always glad to read your posts, no matter what you put in them.

  4. I absolutely Love your commentary whenever and whatever You write about Beautiful!!! How you take some of the most mundane subjects and turn them into something wickedly funny, entertaining and random is hard to match

  5. They sent you a free necklace! SUCKERS! Seriously, though, it is quite nice and the price seems pretty reasonable, especially after I watched that episode of “Adam Ruins Everything” where he talked about how diamonds really aren’t as rare as diamond companies would like us to believe. Also I’ve had to return blood diamonds because there was absolutely no blood in them. I hate dishonest false advertising.
    That’s why I keep coming here. Your false advertising is completely honest.

  6. Lovely. Pearls are making a comeback according to fashion magazines. I was waiting at the dentist’s office so I know! Why do I get asked to send products to bloggers instead of being sent ones. Yes I am whining and jealous!

  7. My mom says I was a magpie in an earlier life. Sparklies defintely get my attention. It’s sooooo hard to get by the Swarovski store at the mall.

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