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Spending Money Like An Adult

spending money

At the end of next June, we will have lived in this house for 4 years. We’ve known, since we moved in, that there was a slight carbon monoxide leak from the water heater. Obviously, one does not want a carbon monoxide leak. So, we did what any responsible adult would do. We cracked open a basement window. You know, to let the carbon monoxide out. For over three years. I mean, it...

Anxious Mothers of Adult Children


As an anxious mother of adult children, I don’t want to worry all the time. I hate worrying. I loathe working through anxiety every day. It’s exhausting. If I had known when my kids were actually kids, that I’d worry more about them as adults, probably wouldn’t have made a difference. I am who I am. Now that they are all adults, brand new worry categories...

I Try To Be Helpful


Thanksgiving was a whirlwind. We had all of our kids and grandkids, my parents, daughter-in-law and her grandparents. 18 people in all. It was amazing, exhausting, and destroyed my back. And apparently, my right baby toe. On Saturday, we tossed the leftovers in the freezer and went to the Smoky Mountains to spend a few days with our mountain friends. Lizzie, AKA Mountain Girl, prepared a crown...


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