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This Is The End


When I was pregnant with Joey, who is 22 now, all I wanted were 3 ways. There was nothing I craved more than a hot, steamy 3 way. Okay, I usually had a 4 way. But onions, as much as I love them, don’t love me. I guess if you aren’t from the Cincinnati area, you might be confused. Here, it is perfectly normal to look at a friend at work and say “You want to get a 3 way for lunch...

Make Something

colored pencils

Make something. Or tell me about something you’ve already made. I am a firm believer that the uglier the world gets, the more important it is that we make art. I’m failing miserably.

Golden Girls: Deep Dark Truthful Mirror


I’m hoping Elvis Costello won’t mind me stealing his title. ***Disclaimer*** It is possible I’ve gone completely bonkers by now. I’m just saying. My filter is fractured. I cry at work. I spend a weird amount of time watching the lizards in my front yard. I’m finding it difficult to feed my brain with a constant stream of trump, trump, stephen miller, trump, oh my...


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