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Halloween Costumes Women Over Fifty Should NEVER Wear


Everyone calm down just a moment. I am not suggesting anyone consider their age when dressing for Halloween. Be what you want! Sexy Forest Ranger! Hot Scuba Diver! Slutty Vaccinated Person! Personally, I think the scariest costume would be to dress like Brett Kavanaugh with a pocketful of roofies. Of course, I understand that the actual Brett Kavanaugh sitting on the Supreme Court is way scarier...

When Awkward Moments Cross Over From Endearing To Oh, Just No


This post will get progressively worse. Like at first, you’ll probably go “oh, that wasn’t THAT awkward. Really” Just wait. We’ll get there. I’m easing you in. Here are three stories. From just a little awkward moment to “oh fuck no”. So, a few years ago, something happened that made me laugh harder than I have ever laughed at a job. I share a room...

Gimme Some Water


You guys, sleep has been elusive. I mean, I’ve had insomnia issues since my early forties, but I seem to be going through a bit more than usual. My post menopausal hormones have fallen in with insomnia and formed a gang against me. Pretty sure I hear mother nature and father time chuckling as I write this. The shit that is keeping me up is so fucking stupid. It’s not work anxiety or...


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