• Intermission

    Just a brief intermission.

    We are closing on the sale of our house today. Finally.

    We don’t know yet when we will close on the house with the hideous kitchen. There were issues with the decks needing painting before they would give us the loan. Then, there is the weather. Lots of storms. So, the process has slowed down.

    We’ve accepted we’ll be living in a hotel for a bit. With two cats. Yay.

    If we’re super lucky, and so far, that has not been the case, we will be able to close a week from today. That probably won’t happen. We could be in the hotel for a couple of weeks.

    So, during this time, I won’t be around much. We just have to get through this shitty part.

    I’m really hoping for some funny stories. For all that is holy, I am hoping for at least one.

    That’s not all, though.

    I knew it would get worse, but the fact we are stealing and drugging children and keeping them in cages is taking my breath away.

    We can’t come back from this. There is no atonement.

    I’m afraid it will get worse than this. I’m nearly sure it will.

    I will come back here soon and bring you along as we try to find our new “normal” after we move. But for now, as we continue to watch this horror show unfold, I’m going to step back.

    Can I ask a favor, though?

    If you can, please make a donation to the ACLU. Or really, any organization that you think can offer help. If we all give a little, it will make a big difference.

    Also, I know it’s hard to see the pictures of crying children or to listen to the audio of children screaming in pain and terror, but we must. We can’t stop looking, even when it hurts. We can’t afford to look away. We can’t stop asking where the girls and infants are. They need us.

    Please call your elected officials and demand they do everything they can to reunite these stolen children with their parents.

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