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Don’t Cry Over The Ugly Things, Baby


“Don’t cry over the ugly things, baby, cry over the beautiful things.” This is one of my favorite things that Randy has ever said to me. I remember his words and I remember to seek out the pretty things. I remember everything isn’t shit, even in this horrific year. 2021 is taking it’s own sweet fucking time getting here. I do, however, try to seek out things that...

Merry Holidays!


Merry Holidays! If there really was a war on Christmas, I think the bullets should be made of gum drops and jelly beans and marshmallows. The chemical weapon would be eggnog because nothing says “my enemy will be soundly defeated” like nutmeg flavored phlegm. The battles should be thumb wars or perhaps a game of “Go Fish”. For heated battles, we could have pillow fights...

The Only Christmas Album You Need This Year

The Only Christmas Album You Need This Year

Too bad the only Christmas album you need this year doesn’t exist. But first.. For whatever reason, the holiday season is when my mortality anxiety hit’s her peak. I have no idea why, but I spend a lot of time this time of year baking cookies, googling WebMD and hoping my last meal isn’t fast food. This year, my mortality anxiety has advanced to guru status. My mortality anxiety...


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