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A conversation one never expects to have


So this happened. A conversation one never expects to have. Randy walked into the bedroom on a Wednesday evening. The weather is cold. We’ve been locked in forever. We’ve both had headaches and quite frankly, every one living in my house is getting on each other’s nerves. Randy: Hey? Did I shave off my eyebrows? Me:… Me:… Me: Dude. Me:… Me: Why the fuck did you...

A Night Without Internet


A night without internet started like this. Something happened that was pretty cool. It stemmed from a mundane act, something that happens every evening. We feed the cats wet food every evening around 5:00. We have to feed them in separate rooms because Alfie is an asshole and chases Gertie away from her food. So, Alfie eats his dinner in the same spot every night and Gertie eats in whatever room...

An Unbiased View of Manspreading

public transportation

So, Randy sent me an article that likens “Manspreading” to “Mask Slipping”. It reminded me about an article I wrote years ago about “manspreading”, so I thought I would share it again. I would guess manspreaders are often the maskholes that wear their masks under their noses or use to just cover their chins, but not their nose and mouth. If your mask...


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