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I Have Lost Faith in January


January has proven to be an asshole for the past five years in a row. We lived with illness and loss. Change and uncertainty. I mean, bad things happen in other months, but January has proven to be particularly brutal.
Now, we’re watching the president commit crime after crime and it seems like he’s pretty much getting away with it.

Who Made Flu


My title comes from a line spoken by Frannie Goldsmith in The Stand which is a book by Stephen King where most of humanity dies from the flu. She says “who made flu” instead of the AC/DC lyric “who made who”. And that makes me think of the movie Maximum Overdrive which is based on Stephen King’s short story, Trucks. The song Who Made Who by AC/DC is in that movie...

Move On Over, Gwyneth


So, the other night, Randy called out to me from the office.
Randy: Hey, did you see what Gwneth Paltrow is doing?
Me: Nope.
Randy: She’s selling candles that smell like her vagina.
Me: Oh, for fuck’s sake.
Randy: You have a birthday coming up.


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