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Even a broken clock is right twice a day


Unless, it’s a digital clock. Then, it’s just broken. “Your clock says it’s 12:05.” Oh, for fuck’s sake, I know what the stupid clock says. Not that there are more pressing issues, but I’m not sad about the daylight savings thing. Every time we change our clocks, I spend days in a fog. And that gets worse every year. Like this last one? I’m still...

Slava Ukraini


I had some funny stories. I’ll tell them to you later. Please, if you can, consider sending support to Ukraine. Here are some suggestions. Doctors Without Borders.  The Art Of Living World Central Kitchen. Chef Jose Andres is a fucking saint. Also, please, make sure you are registered to vote. Make sure you vote in the midterms. It is so desperately important. In Missouri, they are...

Squirrel Ears


Okay, after 27 years together, Randy and I still find that we don’t completely understand each other. The squirrel ears for instance. My coworker had to have some pretty major foot surgery. She couldn’t put even an ounce of weight on her foot for a couple of months. After weeks of living in a recliner, she was struggling. She told another woman we work with that her best time of day...


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