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This Is A Call To Action


This won’t be a long post. At this point, I am willing to beg. The reproductive rights of mothers, daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and future generations of women are in peril right now. The abortion bans signed into state law will be challenged and those cases will make it to the supreme court. Roe v Wade is in very real danger. My sorrow and anger suffocated me this morning. I had to...

Double O Shut The Fuck Up


Oh my god. I thought this little controversy had run its course, but no, just today, I’m seeing people post polls about this. People are up in arms and pissed as fuck. And you guys, it really is super important issue. One which affects us now and our future generations. You know, something earth shattering, like climate change or babies being ripped from their families at our southern...

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