Pandemic PSA

We have to fill our time, right?

I mean, regardless if you are isolating or going to a job, everything is still weird.

Who doesn’t have that feeling of waiting right now? Waiting for the election. Waiting for the pandemic to pass. Hoping it will pass.

No matter how we are spending our days, shit is weird.

I’m working from home again, so that is a relief.

My anxiety isn’t great, but so much better. I’m dealing with the feeling that everything is just one long day because I don’t have any events that break up time the way life did before. I’m just mostly in my bedroom. I mean, I like my bedroom, so that is cool. But still. It does tend to make one a bit nuts.

Randy and I have talked a lot about how grateful we are that this pandemic hasn’t adversely affected our relationship. We’re good together even when we spend nearly every minute of every day together.

Although, I’m not gonna lie. When he goes grocery shopping and the boy takes off for a walk at the same time? I do enjoy those few minutes alone. I don’t really do anything different, but I do like the solitude for a bit.

Anyway, Randy and I were talking about the toll this pandemic might take on a relationship, so we made a pandemic PSA.

Were we done after that? No, of course we were not.

We also thought it might be nice to wish everyone goodnight in a manner that baby boomers will definitely find familiar and younger people might just find it odd.

Then we thought “Why stop with The Walton’s?”

So we did a few more.

And we wound up with an extra special Happy Days goodnight.

I hope you are all well and finding ways to cope. I mean, it appears there are many.


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  • The pandemic has really brought out the best in you and Randy. It’s prompted a lot of people to get creative, and I feel like we’re reaping the benefits. The only way we’re going to get through this is if we work together, and there’s real joy in how those of us who take this seriously are working together–not just wearing masks and social distancing and shit but supporting each others’ weirdness.
    And really, fuck you, Chachi. Even as a kid who loved Happy Days I thought he was an annoying little prick. Any time he came around I started wishing the show would be over so we could get on to Laverne and Shirley.
    For some reason I really related to Squiggy. Make of that what you will.

    • Oh, I don’t brings out all kinds of things. We just don’t video them. haha. But all in all, we really are good. And yes, Chachi has always been a little bastard.

  • I absolutely love this post. I knew it was going to be the Waltons before I even pressed play. LOL Then Happy Days and yes fuck Chachi. Noelle and I are celebrating 20 years this year, and like you two, we have no problem being together all the time. That only lasted for about a month maybe where she worked from home and sadly we were too stressed to enjoy the time. We tried, and we did do some productive things that’s for sure, but the anxiety of not knowing what’s coming next was really hard. But yeah, some couples are really struggling with that part of it. Between us we had 5 jobs, and we only have 2 of them back. Luckily one of those is our mainstay, but still being out the money from the others has not been easy. I feel so bad for those who are struggling. Your post added a giggle to my morning. Love Randy’s hand gestures in your video. So supportive. 🙂

  • Linda Thompson, when describing her marriage to Richard, said they had been together for ten years, but since they were literally always together, it was more like twenty for a normal couple.
    I remember the good nights on the Waltons. We used to tease our parents with them by calling them “the B’s” QB (cue ball) for my dad who was bald, and MB for my mom, for “Mom Boy” and really, that sort of behavior is one reason I never wanted any children.
    Yeah, the stress levels are rising and not even near peak yet.
    Briana has her phone consultation with a doctor in Fresno tomorrow about her thyroid and the results of her labs, and I’ve been having the same trouble walking that I used to have ten years ago. I’m trying to work my way through it, but god damn it, I was supposed to be past that shit.
    Add to that the neighbor got a picture of a mountain lion on her wildlife cam, there was a big pile of bear scat in the road, so I guess we just need a tiger to be fully not in Kansas any more…
    Thank you god, who I don’t believe in, that I’m not in Kansas.
    So were the panda heads a compromise from the potato heads? They seem like a better choice for a video.
    The neighbor’s wildlife cam also caught a picture of our cat, so he doesn’t get to go out after dark any more, and when he wants out at night, I tease him by calling him “Lion Snack”…

    • I adore Richard Thompson!

      And lions and bears? Damn, dude. I think the most dangerous animal around here would be a coyote or a raccoon. I’m not overly worried.

      The panda heads were just something Randy bought. He wanted panda heads. It’s the apocalypse, so why not? Looking forward to hearing how Briana’s appointment goes. Please let her know I am thinking of her.

      And totally bummed to hear about your walking issues. You’ll work through them. You will.

      Sooner or later, we’re all going to come out of this.

  • Life is hard at the best of times right now it feels like a very steep hill that is becoming a mountain, with benches spaced far apart. What does all that mean stuffed if I know. I am taking life one day at a time.

  • I think your answer is four. But now I’m second guessing it too.

    I am also waiting… on college to start for my kids… for the virus (both covid and the orange one) to end… the laundry… the list is endless, much like the aforementioned laundry.

    Not sure which of my bloggie buddies I stole you from, but glad to be here.

  • Briana’s labs came back and she has thyroid medication scripts being sent to the pharmacy as of right now. She has to do more labs in four weeks and another consultation in six weeks to dial in the dosage.

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