Purple And Kerpoise

Could we start right here and agree that cohesiveness is not always important in a blog post?

In my defense, we had our 3 year old granddaughter here since Tuesday.

We were forced out of our comfort zone for most of the week which is difficult for me. My work days are not fulfilling.

By not fulfilling, I mean I live with this prickly box of  writhing panic that reminds me that my life is ticking by and that I’m not doing it right. 

My weeknights are like a teeny anchors of routine. I walk outside or on my treadmill and get all sweaty. I eat something light. Except those days when it’s not light or we go for Mexican. I shower and I get in bed with Randy and we binge watch a series.

Then the granddaughter comes to visit and I’m pretty sure The Wire, The Sopranos, or Deadwood isn’t appropriate. I had to give up my nightly routine.

What I found was, while it was difficult, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

I mean, I did have my granddaughter’s unbearable cuteness and her amazing cuddles to ease the pain. They left this afternoon and I already miss her face.

I’m tired and Randy and I are squeezing in an abridged version of the nightly routine and I am feeling cozy about our visit.

One of the highlights was our pedicure day. Baby girl and I had lunch and a pedicure together. I let her pick the colors and she said she wanted to get purple on her toes and she wanted me to get kerpoise because kerpoise is her mommy’s favorite color. Turquoise it is. maddiebear The pedicure maddiefeet I’m not sure which Asian language the technician’s were speaking, but I couldn’t help but understand some of the things they were saying. I love pedicures. I kind of need them. I have terrible skin on my heels, well terrible for a human. Perfect on an elephant. The technician started up the massage chair and took a look at my feet.

Oh, very dry skin”. 

I didn’t want to start explaining myself, I shouldn’t have to explain myself. But I did anyway.

“I know, they’re terrible”.

“It’s hereditary”.

“I had to get a prescription once”. 

She smiled and nodded and started talking to the woman next to her who was giving my granddaughter her pedicure. I don’t know what they said, but my technician pointed at my feet and said something and then they both cracked up.

Maybe it wasn’t my elephant heels. It could have been that she just told a really funny joke.

It wasn’t hard for her to talk me into the add-on for extra heel work.

When she started with the cheese grater thing, there was a new burst of conversation and laughter. I like to look at this as brightening their day. And in their defense, my flesh was flying off in chunks. I am actually shorter after getting that pedicure.

Baby girl’s mom and dad arrived on Friday and we all spent the weekend together. I love little sister, my stepdaughter, like frozen crazy but I can’t seem to not give her a hard time. It’s entertaining. I always feel guilty afterward.

That’s a lie. I don’t feel guilty.

Here’s a sample conversation. I don’t remember why I suggested putting a baby in a liquor box, but I did. It was a gift box, the packaging for a  fifth of tequila and two shot glasses that empty box sat on my dining room table for days.

Little sister: Really, Shell? Did you really suggest putting a baby in a tequila box?

Me: Sure.

Little sister:…

Me: Well, you’d have to cut it up first, it would never fit in the box still baby shaped.

Little sister: What is wrong with you?

It was a lovely visit and I so much don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. On the plus side, only a three day week and I have five days off. Looking forward to heading back to the mountains and painting old appliances again.

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  • She’s so cute! Ah, grandkids. Well, I guess I mean kids because I obviously don’t have grandkids. Annnnyway…I don’t like it when people talk about me in a language I don’t understand. And I’m pretty sure they are ALWAYS talking about me. Those ladies working on your feet? Probably talking shit about me.

    • I love you too..and I hope the medication is taking care of your pain and not just making you funnier than you usually are.

      Okay..it’s not really..you’re the same amount of funny.

  • What a lovely way to spend some time with your grand-daughter !
    Ooh – painting appliances – I loved what you did with the last lot – more pics when you are done ?
    YAY for a short week – wish it was a short week here instead of a major catastrophe as our main piece of equipment failed over the weekend and we are losing $ for every minute that it isn’t working !!
    Have the best day !

    • Crap on the machine breaking down!! I hope that gets resolved soon.

      I will take more pictures! We only painted a few of the pieces. There’s still plenty to paint.

  • My grandbaby is just about the same age as yours (just a few months shy of 3-years-old). They are coming to visit the end of July and I can’t wait to see her (and my daughter too, of course). The flesh flying off your heels in chunks made me laugh! I always have that problem with rough, cracked heels. God forbid I drag my feet over satin or knit fabric — I end up snagging them something AWFUL!

    • I do!! We had a wonderful weekend with Randy’s daughter and her boyfriend. We played cards and drank ALL the booze. headaches abound today…but totally worth it

  • Oh, come now, everybody knows babies go in Whiskey boxes.
    Sorry… I accidentally took what I think might have been synthetic morphine and i’m a little loopy.
    Never borrow painkillers from old people — they have the tolerances of elephants

  • Great post, I think, but I’m still stuck at the cheese grater thing used on your heels, with chunks of flesh flying off. Are you sure you didn’t go to a Hostel franchise? The thought of having to go through that sounds excruciating.

    Even worse than waxing, me thinks…

  • Cute kid. Try not to corrupt her too quickly.

    I never understood how people could make a career out of giving pedicures. I couldn’t imagine making a living out of touching other people’s feet day in and day out. I guess that’s one of my peculiarities.

    I haven’t decided if I’m amused or mortified by that little conversation…”baby-shaped.”

  • Oh my goodness, this:

    “By not fulfilling, I mean I live with this prickly box of writhing panic that reminds me that my life is ticking by and that I’m not doing it right. ”

    Absolutely my daily condition. The rest is all a blur.

  • I totally knew what that meant, when I saw the title. My favorite aunt/favorite person is addicted to turquoise and purple. On everything. She finds the craziest stuff in those colors– Birkenstock shoes, pens and journals, every single article of her clothing, even overalls…every.single.item. she owns is purple or kerpoise. Love it.

  • Cohesion be damned, this was a lovely slice of life. I hope my boys give me grandbabies – girls specifically. Or that if those grandbabies are boys, they’ll do the pedicure thing with me anyway.

    And kerpoise has been my fav for a long time.

  • Three reasons I love you (There are more, but my brain will only remember three at a time.):
    1. kerpoise
    2. “I am actually shorter after getting that pedicure.”
    3. baby-shaped boxes

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