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I don’t think it’s just me. It seems that right now, in this very specific point in time, it sucks especially hard to be an empath.

Of course, we’ve had our share of tragedy. For fuck’s sake, the absolute horror of what has happened over the past week is enough to drive anyone to their knees.

Horror aside, I’ve been absorbing feelings like an empath fiend. I’ve been at def con 4 on the anxiety scale. Every time the phone rings, I am certain tragedy waits on the other side. I’m creating scenarios that are more dark and far fetched than usual. I am positive every project at work will fail. So, you know, some general suckiness.

I’m hearing similar stories from other people. I hate that for them. I would love to say that it feels good to have a tribe who understands, but this is a lonely one. The force is strong with this go around.

We should name our anxiety like they name hurricanes. Except give them ridiculous names because anxiety sucks. I am going to call my current anxiety storm Muffy Thundercunt. 

I love a goddamn Friday evening, but Muffy Thundercunt was messing it all up. I tried running (little old lady jog) and then having a few shots of tequila and that helped a little.

I’m going to abruptly switch gears here, so hold on for a second, I promise it will make sense very soon.

I love Queen. I love Freddy Mercury’s voice. I love their entire catalog. Very nearly.

I can’t stand Bohemian Rhapsody. I find it unlistenable. I mean, not Rush Limbaugh unlistenable, but pretty goddamn bad. I think it’s because I’ve heard it 33 kajillion times. For the record, I feel the same about Stairway To Heaven. I also plan to take credit for making up the word “unlistenable”.

Then Randy showed me this video. I never would have thought that Bohemian Rhapsody would improve my mood. You should watch it. I am not going to say that it killed Muffy Thundercunt, but it did put that bitch in her place. At least for the moment.

If you’re feeling bad right now and there is so much to feel bad about, just try to find something to smile over.  Smiling is better. I found a very nice smile watching that video.

Muffy Thundercunt can suck my dick.

So, I don’t have any new links to other articles this week. But I do have a few memes that I created and posted on Rubber Shoes In Hell’s Facebook page.



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  • Randy, Randy, Randy…. (haha, that almost sounds like a wanton woman begging for attention in front of a church… )

    If it’s not deep, dark, thought-provoking pictures, it’s crowd sing-a-longs that restore my faith in humanity. Brought a motherfucking tear to my eye… OK, lots.

    Yup. The empath absorbancy rate has gone WAY up. Just had this conversation with a sweet young thing that I’m getting some of the most wonderful vibes from. I hope she survives with her soul and happy intact. I really hope she drinks a little.

    *holds Rage-M’s hand*

    We’ll just keep meeting here twice a week and save the world.

    Randy, we’ll need more stark pictures of reality and music of commonality and Tin soldiers.


    and maybe a stick pony…

    • Randy is a huge fan of wanton women. Haha. I like your plan. Let’s just go ahead and save the world, we’ll split up to save time. Which hemisphere do you want?

        • I’m South of Orlando, so we’re in the all-clear here. Right now, anyway. Come on! Rage M. and Lisa do a Thelma and Louise road trip, minus the driving off the cliff part, obviously. This is the perfect place, since we don’t have cliffs. Haha!

          I’ve got my fishnets on and my plaid school girl skirt ironed. We need to get back on tour. 🙂

  • Sometimes we all just have to find a happy place. You made me think about this in a completely new way: we all need a mental safe room. Or mental storm cellar.
    Some place to ride out the hurricane.
    I hope I’m not being too naive for thinking that could make the unbearable a little more bearable.

  • Muffy ThunderCunt. Yes. That.
    This past week has had some extra bullshit for my husband and me: his Nana entered Hospice, so we took a trip to see her, which also meant seeing his Grandad, who brought his mistress to say goodbye to his wife…my grandpa went to the ER… our brother-in-law was diagnosed with Chron’s, underwent surgery, was much worse off than doctors thought, and is going through hell with that… and then my sister went to the ER.
    Just. You know. The world is ending. Or, at least, I’m pretty certain it is. Please, God, let the world be ending. Because I can’t handle much more of this shit.
    On a positive note, I finally got around to listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, and that was glorious. So, I mean, it’s not all horrible?

    • It is NOT all horrible. We just have to focus on that part. 🙂

      I am so sorry, though, about the things going on for you. How difficult. I am sending you all my peaceful thoughts. Of which there are not many, but I will share what I have.

  • OK, I showed that video to Briana and she told me to thank you for it. I saw the title to this post and knew it had to be about Queen. I love Queen. One of Freddy Mercury’s special talents was to get any crowd to sing with him. It was goddamn amazing. So he apparently still has this ability from the grave. I know what you mean about music that gets played too much. I had to learn how to not let roommates ruin my favorite music for me. My favorite Queen song is “It’s Late” and I played it in a band a few times. I have been doing battle with the trolls on a political blog a little more than usual, and actually having a little success (by just being honest and saying my piece) but the overall feel has been sort of dire.
    Are we going to get a post about the search terms that show up from the sentence “Muffy Thundercunt can suck my dick.”?

  • Yep, this last couple of weeks have been a horrible time for empaths.
    Seeing so many people letting everything else fade away in favour of a common ground lightens my heart. I wish there was a way to do that globally.

  • I love the smell of armpits
    This is life!
    I also like to pick my teeth
    with toenail clippings

    I am brilliant
    Like the sun
    And Wednesday night bingo
    at my grandma’s church

    One day I will shine
    Like Mrs Carmody
    When she wears that one dress
    And the sun is shining

    I hope for a day
    When I can be who I am
    A total douche twizzle
    Please call my parents

By Michelle


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