Reprised Villain Movie Roles for Donald Trump (Post Election 2016)


He’s going to lose. When he does, he’s not going to slither away and be quiet. He’s been super-charged with narcissistic supply from the goddamn world.

We should give him something to do. Why not have him play movie villains? I mean, it’s not a stretch and he’ll have cameras on him. It will be like distracting a fussy baby with car keys. And the movies don’t actually have to be made. I think as long as he has a camera on him, he’ll be fine.

Here are 19 reprised movie villain roles, slightly changed to suit the orange nightmare.

  1. Hans Groper
  2. Con
  3. Verbal Kant
  4. The Wicked Witch of Manhattan
  5. Orange Julius The Hutt
  6. Dr. Hannibal Letcher
  7. Captain Blergh
  8. Gold Little Finger
  9. Gordon Blechco
  10. Travesty Bickle
  11. Lord Voldemoldy
  12. Daddy Dearest
  13. Marsellus Soulless
  14. General Zod, Jr.
  15. Biff Spray-On Tannen
  16. Nurse Wretched
  17. Darth Fuckhead
  18. Gollum
  19. Leatherface

Okay, numbers 18 and 19 weren’t changed. But really, they are perfect as is.

What reprised villain movie roles for Donald Trump would you add?

This week Dude gets a pet, gets drunk and, of course, causes trouble.



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