Slava Ukraini

I had some funny stories.

I’ll tell them to you later.

Please, if you can, consider sending support to Ukraine.sunflowers

Here are some suggestions.

Doctors Without Borders. 

The Art Of Living

World Central Kitchen. Chef Jose Andres is a fucking saint.

Also, please, make sure you are registered to vote. Make sure you vote in the midterms. It is so desperately important.

In Missouri, they are attempting to make abortion illegal for women with ectopic pregnancies. This is literally a death sentence and murder. They are attempting to sanction murder of a specific group of people. If we allow anyone to sanction murder, then we are sincerely and completely fucked.

Take a moment this week to say something kind for no reason. Find joy and spread that shit. We need it. We need it more than ever.

Please vote.


Glory to Ukraine.


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  • I had an ectopic pregnancy – surgery the very next day. What morons people can be. I wonder if anyone has explained exactly what an ectopic pregnancy means to both mother and ‘child’!

    My prayers go out to all Ukrainians. Some of my family left Russia due to the Pograms. This is still the only way they know how to fight.

  • That fat white fuck with the ectopic pregnancy law really burns my duck. He later as much as admitted that he didn’t know how an ectopic pregnancy worked. Here’s a small suggestion: don’t write laws about things you don’t know anything about, and if you are feeling like writing some law, use Google first.
    Perhaps between the “let’s make some women die a hideously painful death” and the “let’s raise taxes on more than half of the population, specifically the poor and working poor” we might just stand a chance in the midterms. I try not to get my hopes to unreasonable levels, but those damn fools are even talking about repealing the ACA again. If we can’t beat them with that (again) well, oh who am I trying to kid, I don’t know what will happen, but those are encouraging signs.
    Kinda illustrates just how screwed up they’ve made politics when femicide, taxing the poor, and an assault on health care are the most encouraging signs, but there we are…

  • My heart is broken for the people in Ukraine. It’s funny I had just donated to Doctors Without Borders this morning. The vote is so very important. My husband works for Adidas and there are 2,000 people who work there and we’ve been trying to get people registered to vote. Democracy is at stake and that’s not hyperbole.

  • Michelle, thanks for this…I’ve been writing and tweeting about the ectopic pregnancy CRAZINESS. You have sex, the egg gets implanted somewhere else and then you are supposed to bleed to death? These people are, well, uneducated, stupid, cruel, dumb, have lost their minds!!


  • It’s very frustrating to me that I have family members who say what’s happening in Ukraine is terrible, they say they disagree with Missouri’s bill, and they say they think Florida’s “don’t say gay” law is terrible and will hurt kids…then they go and vote for the politicians who enable and support those very policies because they think they’ll get a tax cut or something.
    Still I do what I can. I vote, and I take heart that I’m more likely to give to a charity–and, yes, World Central Kitchen is amazing, and so are the others–than people who think a tax break matters more than anything else.
    Let’s never stop fighting the good fight.

  • My faith in humanity is really slipping. I’ve always believed there were more good and decent people in the world than bad. I just don’t know anymore. I feel sorry for the young people, my kids included, growing up in this time period. Sad.

  • I hadn’t heard about the ectopic pregnancy law. In Texas, some are saying that women who get abortions should be put to death. We have the Taliban in this country and we should call them that to their faces.

  • People who run for political office should be required to pass an IQ test, as well as an anatomy & physiology test. I’m not asking them to be physicians, but they should at least understand the workings of the human body. And in this case, the female human body. If an ectopic pregnancy ruptures – which it will do if the fetus is not removed soon enough – the mother could bleed to death. It’s that simple.
    Removing a fetus that will never (never!) grow to be a viable baby is not abortion. It is a lifesaving procedure. Anyone who agrees with calling treatment for ectopic pregnancy abortion needs to get themselves educated. What Missouri is trying to do is murder. Pure and simple. Makes me so angry!

    As does what’s happening in Ukraine. I want to get right in Putin’s nasty face and scream at him, “Why? Why?” So angry. #Ukraine

  • Thanks for the reminder about World Central Kitchen. I see posts about them every so often on Twitter and I’m always impressed by what they’re doing. And right now, thanks to an inheritance, I’m actually able to make a donation.

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