Spending Money Like An Adult

At the end of next June, we will have lived in this house for 4 years.

We’ve known, since we moved in, that there was a slight carbon monoxide leak from the water heater.

Obviously, one does not want a carbon monoxide leak. So, we did what any responsible adult would do.

We cracked open a basement window. You know, to let the carbon monoxide out. For over three years.

I mean, it wasn’t that bad of a leak because, well, we’re not dead.

Recently, the water heater came back into focus because our furnace didn’t seem to be working.

The furnace made noise, but neglected to put forth heat. Not that we would have missed it much this winter. Holy shit.

Anyway, when the heater dude was here, he brought the carbon monoxide leak to Randy’s attention again and we decided the “open a window” approach could no longer be viewed as anything but stupid.

So, getting the new water heater wasn’t a small thing. They had to drill a hole in the side of our house.

In the end, the water heater was about twice as expensive as I had hoped.

Plus, I see no difference. The water comes out of the faucets. Same as before.

That was the most money I had ever spent on anything besides a house or a car. The water heater was like a ghost. I mean, I guess there was a significant benefit, but it’s not one I can see.

I guess the only difference I see is that I don’t fall asleep as easy at night.

It was more fun spending money when I was young.

I had a few short years between being old enough to work and drive, but young enough to have no bills or financial obligation to anyone. Man, those were fun years to spend money.

I think the only thing that I hated spending money for back then was gas. I hated putting gas in my car because my car was a piece of shit and broke down all the time.

Who wants gas just sitting in the tank it that situation? That gas money could be used to get into a club or something. Or bus fare.

I went to the gas station every day so I could dribble just enough petrol into my tank.

You guys, that’s a hard habit to break. I was probably in my 40s before I could fill up my gas tank without feeling anxious about it.

Still, spending money was still more fun.

Although, I wish I had back all the money I spent on Aqua Net and roll-on lip gloss.

I’d probably be able to pay off a car.

Perhaps, spending money like an adult isn’t as fun, but I am super glad we got a new water heater.

Next, we’re getting the driveway leveled and a new roof. At least. I will be able to see the results of that grown up money spent.

These projects have been hanging over our heads since we moved in. It will feel good to get them done. I’m also happy that none of our current issues could potentially kill us.

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I think I might have a future as a life coach.


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  1. Holy cow! The least (next to the open window) you should have done was get a carbon monoxide alarm. Although that would have gone off all day long. I’m so glad that it’s been replaced. But if you’re having heart palpitations over the cost of that, wait for the estimates for the roof replacement! Brace yourself.
    I’m so glad that there have been no averse affects from breathing in bad fumes for you guys and the pets, but that may explain the hilarity in your conversations with the family and Mountain Girl.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  2. I thought you already were a life coach. I had based my life (what’s left of it, I’m 75) on the advice I gleaned from your post. I’m so disappointed that I’m going to rush out and buy tons of lip gloss. And cheap hair spray. If I can find it in blue, to match my hair.

  3. Several years ago we had to have our furnace replaced. We did it in the summer which seemed like a good idea, preparing for winter. It turns out they sent a couple of dinglehoofs who had no experience. We later learned it took them twice as long as it should have–they spent half the time down in the crawlspace reading the manual–and they installed it backwards and failed to hook up the carbon monoxide vent correctly so when the furnace came on it was spewing CO into the basement. We had a different company come out and fix it, and what bugged me the most was that we couldn’t get our money back from the original company even though they were criminally liable. I didn’t feel so bad about paying for the fix because it was nice knowing our furnace wouldn’t kill us, and you can’t buy that kind of assurance.
    Oh, wait, I guess you can.

  4. Sometimes I wonder what I could have done with all of the money I spent getting high if I hadn’t spent it that way. The way I remember it, I would have spent it on something to distract me from the fact that I couldn’t get high. Or guitars. And amplifiers. And recording equipment. In 1981, I worked two jobs, neither of which paid more than $5/hr, and I managed to save up a grand to buy amplifiers and signal processing gear, so if I’m motivated I can be financially responsible.
    There are those who would argue that spending a thousand dollars on music equipment when you’re as poor as I was is not, in fact, financially responsible. Most likely, none of those people have ever have ever played a song they wrote that kicked holy ass really loud. I have done that. A lot. I have no regrets about that. I still get my damn Les Paul out and play it every day.
    Zsuzs just replaced the roof and added some skylights. It rained and snowed a lot last week, and she didn’t seem bothered by that, so I assume she and Zac were satisfied with the work they did.
    Alarms are OK, I guess, but when we moved to Rohnert Park, the first week we were there Raven set the meat he was cooking on fire (I didn’t even know that was possible on an induction cooktop, but I’m here to say that it is) and set off all of the alarms in the house. One of the alarms kept saying “There is a fire. Evacuate.” over and over and I found myself far more concerned with making the goddamn thing shut the fuck up than finding out what was making all of the smoke…
    We had CO alarms in the house in Richmond, and John’s friends managed to set them off smoking somehow, and the cat always freaked the fuck out over the piercing beeping noise, but on the other hand, none of us died in our sleep.

  5. So relatable!
    We hot a new roof and living room window last year…I suppose the water heater is next.
    The small fortune on Aqua Net and lip gloss (Bonne Bell was my weakness) was worth it. ~Cheryl (@upgirlcd/BitchKitty on Twitter)

  6. Hilarious, especially “I don’t fall asleep as easily”. That made me snort coffee out my nose. I agree, as adults it is completely unsatisfying to pay thousands for a roof and the many other practical things we apparently need.

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