That was bracing

Summer is over.

Thank the stars, it’s been a difficult one. We’re all good. Everyone is intact. And that is very nearly true!

I am intact, but my mental health has taken a beating.

My physical health has been a big part of the mental health issues. I had been feeling bad for months, but then COVID came along, everything blew up. My heart rate was wonky. It went from way too low to way too high and kind of bounced between the two for a while.

After a few visits to the ER, we concluded that a change of medicine and getting over COVID would probably fix the issue. I feel like the issues are fixed. My last test came back good and my pulse is back it’s normal rate. I feel better. I was on a beta blocker and I think it just kicked my ass for months. I’m just waiting for my brain to catch up with the news that I’m not actually on the verge of a stroke or a heart attack. As of now, my brain remains skeptical.

At least we ended summer on a good note.

Randy and I took an eight day car trip together at the end of September. In 29 years, we have taken one vacation with just the two of us. This was our second.

We went to the beaches of South Haven, Michigan for a few days, then went further north to North Port. The weather was perfect and the coast was beautiful.

Randy took this picture of me, sitting under a streetlamp just after sunset, on North Beach in South Haven. I’m not usually a fan of pictures of me, but this is stunning.

South Haven MI beach sunset


We ended our trip in Chicago. We saw Nick Cave with his piano and Colin Greenwood, the bassist from Radiohead. We were in the most nose bleediest of seats, but it didn’t matter. What an amazing show.

I could continue telling you about the beauty of Lake Michigan or how gorgeous the Nick Cave show was, but I would rather tell you about the dispensaries.

Michigan is a recreational state and we were there to recreate so one of our first orders of business was to google “Dispensary near me”.

I picked the first one on the list, which was 9 miles away.

It doesn’t take many miles to leave the beach town of South Haven to get to some secluded county roads.

We came upon this compound looking place. Ramshackle house, out buildings, vans and campers. There were multiple hand painted signs at the top of the dirt driveway. I was about to mention to Randy that it reminded me a little of an X Files episode when the nice lady in my phone said “You have arrived.”

Randy: I’m not going in there.

Me: I am totally going in there.

The first building on the dirt driveway was basically a shed with a deck and a sliding glass door. I told Randy I’d just run in and see what was what.

I was not prepared, y’all.

There was a single employee in the shed. He looked like a more morose Adam Driver and wore a full on Tigger costume. Like a onsie type thing with a hood.

I said the first thing I could think of, “Love the outfit, Tigger!”

He said “Okay? Thanks?” in a manner that said “Why would you even mention it?”

To be fair, I don’t live in Michigan. Perhaps, it is typical for dispensary employees to dress in 100 Acre Wood costumes.

I purchased a few items and stepped back outside. There was a couple coming up the deck steps carrying a basket of fruit and vegetables. The dude said “This is the best place ever, isn’t it?”

I did have to agree. It was a highlight of the trip up to that point.

They offered me tomatoes and apples. I thanked them, but declined. We were on vacation, I wouldn’t be doing any cooking, and I didn’t want their food to go to waste.

So, the dude says “Okay, instead I will give you a comic book. I draw these by hand and give them away.”

He gave me a hand drawn comic book filled mostly with porn cartoons.

home made comic book

Hands down the best dispensary experience of my life.

We went to a second dispensary up the coast and, while similar in size, it did appear to be operating in a manner one expects in a dispensary. Also, no Winnie the Pooh characters anywhere.

There was, however, an enormous statue of a woman in a red bikini by the building. You will notice the inner thighs look a little bruised. Randy and I assume they look bruised from all the hands on her legs for pervy photo opportunities.

20 foot statue standing next to a North Port MI dispensary

All in all, my experience with dispensaries in Michigan were a little trippy.

Appropriate, I guess.

It feels good to write down some words after not for so long. I hope you all are well.





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  1. Wow I so want to go there! That would be kind of a great group experience – with the right group. And if I were still in my 20’s or 30’s. Hope your purchases were worth it. I expected more from Randy. Tsk. Oh, the picture was wonderful!

  2. Dispensaries! We were a “dispensary” back in the early eighties, but we didn’t yet call them that. Nope, we were “dope dealers”… “Doug’s Drugs” if I remember correctly. Need a high? We’ll get you by. That didn’t last long, though, even though we were swimming in excellent weed up in Humboldt county.
    That picture is the bomb, Michelle.
    They took me off of beta blockers years ago because they made my heart beat too slow. I remember Dr. Nelson reading the EKG and saying “This looks fine, but there’s not enough of it.”
    This summer was weird. We were supposed to be moved to Briana’s property in Humboldt county by now, but we were in a car wreck in June and spent the summer catching back up to our plans.
    Now I’m just hoping to get out of here before it snows again.
    I’m glad you are feeling better, I was a little worried about you.
    The people who soiled that statue-woman’s thighs give weed consumers a bad name…

  3. Oh, I almost forgot: the process the house GOP used to fire Kevin McCarthy as speaker was call a motion to vacate the chair, or as they were calling it an MTV. Those fools have obviously never heard Mojo Nixon…

  4. It’s such a relief to know you’re doing well and to just see you posting here. I know there are other ways I could contact you but I always worry about coming across as stalker-ish, and I figure you’ve got a lot going on without having to deal with random messages asking how you are.
    Mainly though I love that you and Randy had a nice vacation and I love it that Michigan is basically now Amsterdam without the sex shops, even if you get free porn cartoons and bikini-wearing statues. I knew a lot of people who went to Amsterdam just for the dispensaries and they only walked through the Red Light District for a laugh. At least that’s what they said.
    Anyway the Great Lakes really are amazing, aren’t they?

    • You can contact me whenever you want!

      We had the best time and I really missed being here, but I’ve been working through some mental paralysis. And COVID brain. And I’m old. haha.

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