The Eye Of The Narcissism Storm

We’re in the eye of the narcissism storm.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder has been a theme of this blog years before the 2016 election.

I’ve been fretting, screaming and pleading for years now. The stupid president couldn’t be more dangerous. He’s broken beyond repair and he’s collapsing.

I’ve said many times this is going to get worse. And now we are here. Now, we’re going to see the worst.

At least I think we will.

Is it possible he’s got some slimy, vile schemes up his sleeve when he leaves office? Well, sure. I wouldn’t be shocked.

I mean, he’d need a lot of help, because let’s face it, the man is many things. He’s gross, traitorous, a predator, seditious, treasonous, bigoted, misogynistic, devoid of empathy and has no rhythm. One thing he is not: smart.

The man is stupid. If he’s going to create chaos after he’s gone from our house, then he needs help.

Regardless of what he does beginning January 21st doesn’t matter right now. What matters is the chaos he is going to cause now.

A collapsed narcissist behaves like a wounded, cornered animal.

I try to find silver linings in every situation and, sometimes, that is a goddamn hard thing to do.

How can I find any good in what our lives are right now? Over 300K are dead.

He golfs while acts of domestic terrorism play out. People hunger. People are being evicted.

What good can I find in any of this?

I’m hopeful that at the very least, more people will have a better understanding of narcissistic personality disorder.

Perhaps, after being exposed to the lord, king, god of all narcissists for years will bring about a broader understanding of this disorder.

Maybe, it will help people identify what type of monster they are dealing with and it will protect them.

He’ll do everything he can to burn down as much as he can, but if this serves as an education for the rest of us, perhaps we won’t be the only narcissist who collapses and deflates.

I mean, it’s probably just a fantasy.

But I kind of dig it.


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  • Narcissism is the worst. My sister was married to one, for too long. Lots of destruction. During Trump’s presidency, I often looked around and was like DOES ANYONE GET THAT HE IS A NARCISSIST? So weird that he continues to embarrass himself. Leave, dude. It’s over.

  • Yes indeed, this is the moment we’ve all been wondering about and hoping that whatever it brings, the military will not be involved.
    I don’t think Fergus is dumb so much as he’s just way out of his depth. Which of course, as a narcissist, makes him uniquely dangerous right about now.
    And as a liberal, I’ve been weary of having to tell scornful folks who think I’m some kind of traitor that I told them so, but goddamn it, we did in fact tell them so.
    I’ll be happy if just a few more of the right people get hip to just that one aspect of the situation, because there’s a lot of dreariness on the horizon just now, especially in the way the media is handling this.
    On the other hand, there’s much to be optimistic about, also.
    Once the vaccines have been rolled out widely enough to give folks confidence in going out and living again, there’s every reason to think that the economy will come roaring back, which will be a major boost to the Biden/Harris administration as a side benefit.
    This isn’t like 2008 when the housing bubble had everyone leveraged up to their eyeballs and a sustained economic stimulus (that never happened) was required to get things sane again.
    This time a majority of working folks actually saved some money during the lockdowns, and will be very much up for spending some of it on being alive again.
    What’s good about that is that it doesn’t require the cooperation of any Republicans to happen, like it did last time.
    Also, there are reasons to be hopeful about the direction technology is taking these days, that is, the forefront seems to be moving away from software and toward things that might make positive impacts on our world and our lives like (hello!) biotech and energy.
    Fergus can fuck right off.
    He just did the very thing he was impeached for again, and since Georgia wouldn’t have been enough by itself to flip the election, you can bet your bottom dollar that there were similar calls made to other “contested” states that just didn’t leak the audio yet.
    It did put him right back into the headlines with one of his signature “fuck you” moves that he gets off on tormenting the sane people with, though, so I can’t say I’m surprised.
    Seems like those impeachment managers were onto something after all.
    In hope you folks are weathering this act of the apocalypse at least as well as could be expected…
    No, fuck that, I HOPE you are doing fabulously well beyond your wildest dreams, because why not hope for the best?

  • I’m in a cold sweat waiting to see what happens Wednesday – forget the 20th!

    Hope you had a great New year and hope that the rest of 2021 isn’t the horror show 2020 was!

  • Very well said! This is going to get even more scarier than it’s been. We have to hang in there a little longer and believe things will start getting better/normal. Happy New Year Michelle! Let’s hope it’s a good one [I am really burned out on that song]. Stay safe!

  • If there IS a silver lining and I’m not sure there is, maybe it’s that the world is a little bit more informed about narcissism, overt and covert, and that fewer people will succumb to it in relationships. Listen to the red flags-we saw them with that orange POS and I saw them in my own situation. Way before internet so there was nowhere to research the odd behavior, but I knew. In my gut, I knew. Too late though.

  • Now more than ever I want your voice amplified. We needed it before the shitshow of Trump’s followers rioting, destroying property, and committing acts of terrorism while Trump and even some members of Congress cheered them on.
    Fuck, I’m from a state with two senators who instigated the rioting and are now putting on a sorry-ass show of pretending to feel bad about it.
    You’ve seen firsthand the damage narcissism can do and you keep speaking so thoughtfully and so powerfully about it. I just want you to know you’re not preaching to the choir. I’ve known Trump was a moron for, well, at least as long as he was pushing that idiotic birther conspiracy, and I have friends from New York City who’ve been saying all along that they knew he was a crook since the ’70’s. As one of them said, “I always knew Giuliani was stupid, but I never realized just how stupid he is.”
    Anyway you’ve provided and continue to provide valuable insight into what makes Trump’s stupidity dangerous. I only hope that now others have seen it too they’ll listen to you.

  • I just found this blog because I’ve been researching narcissistic collapse. Now that we are past the attempted/insurrection and he’s had his supply cut off I’m terrified of what he will do. Look forward to hearing what you have to say about that.

    • I’m glad you are here! I have no idea what he will do next. I know I won’t be shocked. I know he is all about self preservation, so maybe after his attempt was soundly trounced, he will back off. But that is really just wishful thinking

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