Oh, So It’s ThrowBACK Thursday, Not ThrowUP Thursday

Because that would be weird and if I were going to have a fetish, it would have nothing to do with vomit. I guess that implies that Throwback Thursdays are a fetish, which I am reasonably sure they are not. But whatever. I don’t claim to make sense. Just cookies. I make good cookies.

Perhaps napping. I could have a napping fetish.

Here is my first throwback Thursday post. It’s self indulgent, but my blog is entirely an exercise in self indulgence. I’m okay with that.

This picture was taken in Boston, MA in September of 1989. My big hair days were dwindling down, but not quite gone.

I hadn’t been divorced even once when this picture was taken. Although I did split from my first husband just a few months later.

My older son was just over two years old.  Middle Sister taught him how to say ‘Grandma is a pervert’ on that trip.


I showed this picture to my 3 year old granddaughter last week and she said ‘That’s YOU Gaga…with funny hair’.

Kids are great.

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  • So is your son reaching for the camera you’re holding or that Long Island Iced Tea? I’m just guessing it’s a Long Island Iced Tea because you look slightly drunk. And like you’re in a TGI Friday’s. Anyway I hope he’s reaching for the drink. It would be terrible if his dreams of becoming a professional art photographer were dashed by the digital revolution, but the art of making cocktails has come back in a big way.

    • Haha..It was regular tea. Not Long Island..of this I am sure. I was vacationing with my parents and sisters without my husband, so I would have been taking care of the baby..which meant no booze.

      No idea what the restaurant was..I just remember we were in Boston after having spent a few days in Maine.

  • I think you look great. My hair still looks like that sometimes, when I don’t blow dry it. I guess I’m living in 1989. I’m OK with that. It was a good year.

  • Ah, the things kids say. I was getting ready the other day and putting on makeup, which I generally do NOT do, and my sweet daughter told me I looked creepy. Creepy. Jesus H. Christ.

    • HAHAH!!! Love it.

      My stepdaughter (when she was probably 19 or so) walked down the hall when I was coming out of the bathroom in my bra and underwear..she looked at me and said EWWW! GROSS!!!


  • Oh, how I miss my big hair. Now I just have little hair. Thin, fine, little hair. At least big hair made it look like I had more than I did.

    1989…that whole decade was a trip. I am just warped enough to find “Grandma is a pervert” funny as hell!

    Yeah, I miss the 80’s. Thanks for posting this…for the third time this week I’ve been thrown back in time, and it is starting to dawn on me that while I don’t FEEL old? I may very well BE old…WTH? 😉

    Happy Friday Eve…

    • I’m right there with you. I have no idea how I got this old…

      I think it’s obvious at this point that acting my age just isn’t gonna happen.

      • Last night I wrote about my perception of my parents as tyrants when I was a teenager, and the wrote that after having survived parenthood myself, that my folks weren’t so bad, after all….and that is when it really clicked. One kid is married and going to make me a grandma any minute now, and the baby is about to turn 20. Like, OMG, when and how did this happen and where does it end? (Do NOT answer that…) Like you, acting my age isn’t EVEN an option for me.

        • It’s astounding how fast it flies by. My baby boy just got his driver’s license. Amazing.

          Congrats on the grandkid. Grandkids are really awesome.

  • Ah, the 80’s—big hair, big glasses, big shoulder pads, big mullets. Big surge in drug use too. A coincidence? I think not. My daughter was looking at my old pictures where (in addition to all of the above except for the mullet) I also sported raccoon-eye makeup and an orphan-annie perm. In addition to some pointed questions about my recreational drug history, she told me that nobody must ever be allowed to see these photos. Pretty sure she wasn’t kidding.

    • Ha! Yeah, I had the shoulder pads and the neon clothes…and acid wash. I had an all acid wash outfit. Jeans, pumps, vest, jacket…I looked goooood.

  • Oh it’s not that bad – at least you are not wearing a banana clip – then it really would be ‘Throw up Thursday” (which by the way I think you should # on twitter and start a trend – come on… do it!)

  • I spent most of the late 1980s looking like I had a poodle on my head (long hair + perm). I don’t think you’ve really lived unless you’ve done something truly regrettable at least once a decade.

  • I had a lot of hair in the ’80s. I still have quite a bit, but now it’s thinner and turning white in places. In ’85, though, I wore it loose and flying to a ballet that I had won a pair of pricey tickets for in a radio contest I have no memory of entering, and was blissfully unaware that the little kid in the seat behind me was playing with it all night…

  • Aqua Net is still a good purchase. It costs 97 cents for Aqua Net Extra Super Hold in the purple can which will stick a spider where you spray it and cause wasps to fall out of the sky when you spray them. 🙂

  • Ah haha– I always think about Throwback Thursday when it’s already Friday. I need to dig out some old photos if I can find them.

    Also, what is in your hand? I assumed it was a cell phone but 1989? I don’t think so.

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