Turning 60: A Looming Milestone

I will be turning 60 soon.

Fucking sixty.

How the fucking shit did this happen?

I don’t feel sixty. Sixty? Really? Sixty? I feel like I haven’t lived enough to see forty.

I also feel like I’ve lived enough to see two thousand five hundred and twenty seven. Which would make me older than Jesus.


We get older and we adjust. We make changes. We decide to approach life in a different way.

For instance, me and Mountain Girl, AKA Lizzie from The Madisons, and I decided that, henceforth, all of our gifts to each other would be consumable.

But a month before her birthday, I found this funky, boho wispy little cardigan with a tie front and I just saw her in it. She lives on a wispy cardiganmountain in Tennessee. She needed to wrap that cardigan around her shoulders when she felt the first chill of autumn coming on. 

So, I bought it for her.

And because I am me, when it came time to visit for her birthday, I couldn’t find the wrap. Of course, I lost it. The cardigan has basically the consistency of spider webs. I’d probably find it when we move from this house.

I put the rest of her gift put together, all consumables. But I couldn’t find that adorable little cardigan. 

Except, then I did! I found it. I found it while we were packing for our trip to the Smokey Mountains. The birthday gods had smiled on me. 

Then, I tried it on. 

I mean, I had already wrapped her birthday gift. And it was fabulous.

I’m just saying even without the cardigan, the gift was perfect.

Plus, and here is the important thing, one of her favorite things in the world? Even on her birthday? Is for me to be happy. And I was happy when I tried that cardigan on, because it was cute as shit. 

Anyway, I’m wearing it at work today. There is a chill in the air. 

Obviously, I kept the cardigan because we vowed to only gift consumables.

In keeping this super adorable sweater, I honor my friend. 

I hope that this week brings you joy and contentment.

I know age doesn’t mean shit. Turning 60 doesn’t mean anything. I’m either here or I am not here.

Right now, I am here.

And I have an adorable sweater.



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