What Can We Do?

Randy is going to hate this post. Hate it.

Here’s the thing, I have to do this.

We’re in the shit of it, you guys. I don’t have to tell you that bad shit is happening. We all know Heather Heyer’s name. We know that in 2017 an American citizen was killed by a Nazi. We know that, from the president’s own words, that he sides with white supremacists. This does not surprise me at all. He told us who he was during the campaign. Why didn’t we listen?

Although, it is becoming obvious that the election was stolen, so maybe we did listen, and got fucked anyway. Now we have Nazis in the White House. It sounds like a plot from a bad movie. Like Zombeavers.

If you are in the US, then I implore you to call your senators and ask them what they are going to do about the white supremacist in the White House. Demand that they denounce 45 and impeach him. Call this number and talk to your senators. 202-224-3121.

We have to keep the pressure on.  We have to scream and yell and march and demand that our government protect our democracy.

This is not good.

I know how a narcissist behaves when they are backed into a corner. They will lash out with everything they have. In less than a week, Trump goaded a crazy man with nuclear weapons, endangering the goddamn world. He had hissy fits on Twitter, while ignoring, for days, the domestic terrorism that occurred in Virginia. When he did acknowledge the terrorism, he winked at the alt-right, letting them know that he’s got their back.

He will do anything to keep his narcissistic supply coming. He will do anything to protect his lies. The more he is exposed, the more he is cornered, the worse this will get.  This isn’t a “maybe”, I assure you. I have seen this behavior. I lived this behavior. My dad didn’t have access to the nuclear codes, but if he had? I have no doubt that under the right circumstances, he would have used them. When my father was cornered, the meltdown was incredible and his only goal would be to win whatever battle he was in. Consequences were meaningless.

Charlottesville won’t be the last place we see violence. That cat is out of the bag. It’s been out of the bag. Even if he was impeached and removed from office tomorrow, that ball is rolling. We will see more violence.

He won’t be impeached and removed tomorrow. He will facilitate this violence. He will continue to unravel and become more dangerous.

Oh, and if you still support Trump? You can fuck right off.

Randy is really going to hate that line. 

In this situation, we have to choose a side. There is no negotiating with people who are willing to kill other humans for not being white. Or for whatever reason they are frothing at the mouth. There is no middle ground. Trump openly supports these people.

The fight isn’t coming. It is here.

Please, call your elected officials. Howl and scream and yell. They work for us and we need to hold them accountable.

Contribute to organizations that help people. Donate to political campaigns of candidates who want to work for the people. All of us.

Attend rallies if you can. I know it’s scary. But we can’t hide from this. Hiding is no longer an option.

I hope this passes us by and becomes a black little footnote in history.

I hope this doesn’t get as bad as it can get.

What suggestions do you have? What can we do to help?

I really do love you guys.

For the record, I totally understand why Randy discourages posts like this. People are tired of politics all the time. It’s polarizing to take a stand. Especially when you tell people to fuck off. But I have a voice and it is my obligation to use it. If I alienate some people, so be it. If I inspire a few people to make some calls or get involved then it is worth it. I had to post this because posting anything else makes me feel like I am dancing on the grave of the world and I can’t live with that feeling. 

And I was right, I told Randy about this and he hates it. I gave him a pass. He doesn’t have to read it or edit it or find me a picture (those are his normal jobs). So, if this is a little more rambly than usual, you know why.


EDITED TO ADD: I need to clarify based on some comments I’ve seen on Facebook. Randy doesn’t hate this post because he disagrees with the contents. He and I are of the same mind when it comes to the president and his bigotry. His point is that my blog isn’t a political one and that I stray from my platform when I write about political issues. He is also concerned about people attacking me (digitally, not physically) because he loves me and doesn’t want to see me hurt. Ultimately, however, he understands that the choice is mine to make.



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  • Yes!
    I stayed quiet, tried to be positive. I even stayed off Facebook for awhile. But I’m done. So done. Anyone who supports that racist can forget they know me. I’m good with that. Thank you for taking a stand. It’s a little scary, knowing you’re gonna lose some people, but hey…do we really wanna know them?

  • At a certain point, you have to use whatever voice you have to speak up, I think.

    I’ve never been a political blogger. The only politician I’ve ever attacked on my blog is Hillary Clinton, actually. But right now… ugh. I see a lot of people, bloggers, and clebrities who have never been outspoken politically before speaking out.

    So no matter what Randy might think, this was a great post.

    • Thank you. Randy agrees with all of this. He is also very protective of me and is afraid I will be attacked for saying things like this. I get that. I also feel that it is my moral obligation to speak out.

  • With you. Check out and start following Kelly Diels if you aren’t already.

    Something I am doing is using my “actual” voice and not just my writing voice. I am showing up in my community and speaking. I am making videos.

    • Thank you so much for what you are doing. I make daily phone calls. It only takes a minute and I usually leave a message, so that helps with my anxiety. I donate as much as I can and I will stand side by side with my sisters and brothers as often as possible.

  • “How to spot a personality disorder”. This should be a compulsory subject taught at all schools in all countries. Then they might never be elected or promoted into positions of power.

  • It’s hard looking in on this from Canada, especially since what’s happening in the States is starting to embolden racists in our own country. Based on the relative silence of your Senators and Congresspeople, it doesn’t seem like there’s much political will to actually do anything about Trump, or Bannon, which must be terribly frustrating for you.

    • It is terribly frustrating, but that doesn’t mean we can stop demanding that they do their goddamn jobs! I am so sorry you are seeing a spike in racism. They are emboldened. They need to crawl back to their fucking slimy caves and die out.

    • mydangblog,
      Glad you spoke up from Canada. I am a dual citizen (US/CDN) originally from Seattle and am horrified by all of this. I rely on Michelle’s retweets and all other anti-Trump readings I can do. It makes me sick, but I’m so grateful so many of us hate him enough to say so. My husband has family in AB who think (hopefully not any more) he ‘says it like it is’ – What does that even mean! – and it appears the reason they like him is because of his immigration policies. WHAT! They don’t even seem to be aware of every single terrible thing about him. I’m sickened, and I’m ashamed of being an American, and I’ve never been ashamed before. I’m so very grateful for all the Americans who are taking this on and speaking up. Thank you Michelle for this post and this advice. What is up with the GOP for not taking action! Trump is not even a Republican. He is a Trumpian, and it is scary as hell. Whew! Glad I got that off my chest.

  • Omg… I started following you a while back after your blog on narcissists. My dad was one too… I had this EXACT conversation with my husband last night. 45 will do ANYthing to protect his lies – damn the consequences… scary days ahead

    • I really don’t think people who didn’t live this understand how dangerous this situation is. Our only option now is to poke the bear until he self destructs and hope that he doesn’t take us with him. I am sorry about your dad. It really sucks having a dad who doesn’t love you. 🙁

  • Trump once called the fourth estate the enemy of the people. Interesting to see who that enemy has become after all.

    Thank you for recognizing that there are many options for taking action. It becomes frustrating when you are as outraged, as indignant, as disgusted as everyone else and feel shamed into taking the same course of action as everyone else.

    There is a way for everyone – intros and extros – to make their voice heard, and what’s important is to choose one (or more) and use it; stand up against the same enemy of the people, express the outrage, and yes, call your senator. There is a doable thing for everyone.

    I’ve been penning my own piece (choosing my word-weapons today) as well as sharing the great writing of others. I will donate where I should. What I won’t do, is nothing.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes. As has been said, all it takes for Evil to succeed is for Good People to do, say, Nothing. It’s uncomfortable and polarizing to speak up and out, as you note, Michelle, and lots of folks I know, who are also disturbed by Trump, have chosen to ignore everything and bury themselves in their entertainments. And that feels wrong, and seems the road to losing our precious rights (and responsibilities) in this 200 year old grand democracy experiment. We have to speak up and out, in whatever way we feel most called to do so. I read that Heather Heyer almost didn’t go to that Cville rally – she knew it was dangerous – then confessed to a friend that her conscience would not allow her to stay comfortably at home. So she showed up and let her spirit shine – bless her, wherever she is shining now! We need to get used to feeling a little uncomfortable, ourselves, and just deal with it as we speak truth to narcissistic insanity, to greed that would keep on keeping on; as we speak on behalf of civil servants who are still working for us, doing their best, even as they themselves are under attack. We owe this to our kids and their peers and the future still to come. Tell Randy it’s okay – you had to do this! we understand, and we’re grateful

    • Thank you so much. And to be clear, Randy isn’t sticking his head in the sand, he just wants ME to be safe. I get that. I do. But I can’t sit idly by. I can’t.

  • We had a long family talk after this weekend. With agreements from all parties we’re looking for schools for sweeties’ girls to finish out where we are. We’re even going to help their mom get settled out here where we are. Why? Because we are in a “safer” state and we are all minorities.
    I mention this because this is not normal times. These are not steps we would take normally. But this is the time to go past any pettiness and do what needs to be done to take care of each other.
    Do what you can do to take care of each other even when you may not have originally done so (I don’t want to hear any Hilary v. Bernie crap anymore. This is bigger than that). Do what you can do to take care of what’s left. We have a fight on our hands. Sitting around and yelling at the tv and being pissed off at each other for who we did or didn’t nominate is not an option for me anymore. Hasn’t been for awhile. I need to be there to tell people when things are not okay. When their words aren’t enough (Paul Ryan) . To show support for people.
    This is that time. This is the time to do something. Do what you can. Start at home make calls and move out into the streets when and if you can. It will probably be scary. But it’s always scary.
    Thank you for this post!

  • Yes, if anyone still supports Trump (or ever did) they can fuck right off! We don’t talk to my husbands family, because his military nephew decided to call me a [email protected] on my daughters Facebook wall, the morning I found out Trump won. My comment on FB to my daughter was about him not being my president and how I would no longer stand for the flag, which apparently put said nephew over the edge. I’m guessing the hateful, racist rhetoric from Trump is not bothering him as much…

    I knew from day 1, this asshole didn’t give a FUCK about America. Or the American people. And I also knew that he would not try or attempt to bridge the enormous gap between parties, because HE was the biggest part of creating it. He ran a campaign of hate, disrespect and flat out narcissism. And for those people too stupid to understand it, I say fuck off. You’re an idiot. It was going to be the Reality White House from word go, and here we are. It’s Trump 24/7 in his fake news word, and he is loving every minute of it. I’m sick, literally. This must be some kind of disorder. The fact that we have to be inundated with his face and ridiculous ramblings on a daily basis is flat out torture. We are a laughing stock to the rest of the world, and rightfully so.

    Disagreeing about political or economic opinions is fine. Healthy actually. But supporting a person who hates Jews, gays, transgender, woman, Muslims and pretty much everything other than what he is- a rich white male- is NOT ACCEPTABLE AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Period. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

    I have been to the Holocaust museum numerous times. I have done assignments with my kids on how did ‘Hitler happen’, and can it happen again. We would craft papers of thoughtful responses about economic turmoil in Germany, and the lack of the middle class. Always wanting to give a reason for why the people could be so manipulated into believing the ravings of a lunatic. I also, in my heart, thought the world had really learned from this. Though there is still plenty of terrible things happening to humans in the world.

    But to think that such ignorance would be in my own backyard, and accepted by the president of the country I live in? It’s just too much to take. I’m sick for all the ethnicities that have to relive the painful reminders of our past with hooded, torch carrying, swastika bearing, fools chanting hateful words. I am just sad and disgusted for all of us as a nation.

    Thanks for speaking, out. I too feel like I’m teetering on the edge of insanity that Trump has pushed me towards. But I would rather speak up and let my kids know that I stood on the right side of things, instead of being quiet and complicit.

  • Thanks, Michelle. All true, and time is truly of the essence.

    While the press is snowed under reporting the latest outrageous statement or tweet, a lot of shit is going on behind the scenes to limit the freedom of individuals and the freedom of independent enterprises.

    The voices of reasonable, fair, and courageous citizens must be heard, because there is no doubt that racism has been given the go-ahead.

  • Did anyone see Kasich on NBC this morning? I’m glad that there are republicans (even though I am not one) going on tv and talking about this openly and with disgust. He said something to the effect of imagine that you’re a 10 year old getting ready to start school this week in Ohio. You already know that you’ll be facing bullying because that’s something that happens a lot these days. Now, imagine that you’re also Jewish or African-American and your president just told the world that those who stand up to wrong doings are also the problem and at fault for these terrible happenings. What hope do you have in the world to be protected? This, plus Jimmy Fallon’s monologue the other night, give me hope that there are people with louder voices than my own working against his evil, but I’m using my voice as well. I teach at a college and I teach messages of peace and unity and of using your voice to make the good heard. I have two small children and I teach them that there is no difference between people based on the way they look…..just what’s in their heart and actions. Thank you for being one more person that speaks up….we need all the noise we can muster to drown him out!

  • I am proud of you for writing this (and I think Randy is too) and as a Canadian I watch in horror at the events in my neighbouring country. There is a ‘far right’ ie: Nazi rally in Vancouver this weekend so the disease is spreading.

    Part of me doesn’t want to give them any attention. No media. But as you say if a narcissist is backed into a corner what will they do to up the ante?

    As a person suffering from depression and ptsd it is hard to know how to take a stand and to still be safe. There is no way I could attend an anti-nazi rally because the fear that comes from the events in Charlottetown is palpable.

    I can speak out when others around me are being assholes.

    I can’t believe that the president (he who shall not be named) is still president. What is the senate thinking??

    I will continue to do what I can from across the miles and in my own hometown.
    I am afraid of what will transpire this weekend here at home.
    I pray that no-one else is killed but I fear the media coverage of the Charlottetown event will give some crazy person an idea here in Vancouver.

    Prays for all of us.

  • RE: the calling. I know it’s hard for some people, which is why I’m a fan of Resistbot (https://resistbot.io). Text from your phone, in your sweats, and send a fax directly to your rep, senators, even your governor. Will also help you call.

    Yes, it sucks that your blog time/space has to be given over to fighting Nazis in 20goddamned17. We should be done fighting Nazis, right? But apparently we’re not, and Nazis are really bad, so good people roll up their sleeves and—for what it’s worth—I think you’re really brave for being willing to moderate this topic. Seriously, the reason I don’t address the political head-on is because I don’t want whackadoos in my comments, and maybe that’s cowardly but that just puts me in a better position to recognize how courageous you’re being.

    Now… because I know eventually someone will come along with their “not all Trump supporters” whine, I want to amplify your point on that subject. Please be paying attention, Future Commenter: the man you voted for had to be SHAMED into agreeing that Nazis might have done wrong by killing people, and then he TOOK IT BACK. He has allied himself, firmly, with Nazis and white supremacists. You are standing on one side of a really important line, shoulder-to-shoulder with the goddamned KKK and actual Nazis. Seriously. They were waving Nazi flags and doing the Nazi salute and chanting Nazi chants about burning people. So. Take a good hard look at who’s standing on your side of the line (Donald Trump, Nazis, the KKK) and move. Or admit that you’re a racist and stay put. But don’t be bringing that “not all of us” argument, because it doesn’t wash anymore, and we’re not buying that “many sides” nonsense. There is no middle ground when it comes to racism.

  • Another thing everyone can do- Southern Poverty Law Center just updated their publication “Ten Ways to Fight Hate”. It’s a free download and can be found on their website http://www.splcenter.org. Great tools from a wonderful organization that has been fighting this battle for decades!

  • I am reposting this from the Field Negro, where I posted it last night, so the accusatory tone of it is aimed at the right wing trolls who frequent that site, so please don’t take it the wrong way:

    God damn it, we told you this would happen. Back when you decided to invite all of the bigots and racists into your party to win elections, we told you it was a bad idea. But no, you said, we can control them, and besides, they are the salt of the earth, the real Americans.
    We tried to tell you that you were playing with fire, and not only would you get burned, but a bunch of regular citizens would get burned in the process.
    But no, we were crazy and paranoid, and probably commies to boot, so we should shut up and sit down and let the adults deal with the running of things.

    But really, do you know what would have been a lot better than having been proven to be right about the right all along in such a spectacular fashion?

    Having been proven wrong.

    But now that has been dispensed with, the question we face is what are we gonna do about it? What would our parents and grandparents who fought the goddamn Nazis in Europe and Africa want us to do now that they are in the motherfucking white house?

    What would they want us to do about the relentless lying about those Nazis that is not only accepted from the president of the United States now, but expected?

    Can we step up the way they stepped up? My retired friend JT was really proud of the M1 he had, said it was exactly the same as the one he carried across France. So what are we gonna carry? Firearms aren’t gonna cut it this time.

    President four-year-old gave up the game today when he said both sides.

    We have been able to put the evil down when it rose up precisely because it was evil, more evil than the common evil we face in our daily lives. The Confederacy and the Third Reich weren’t hard judgement calls. Now we are being made to question ourselves while we decide who it is who has to go.
    The generic term for this is gaslighting, and it may be the only thing Trump is truly good at. He learned it from the very worst, Roy Cohn.
    The big lie of both sides do it is being used to obscure the source of the evil, it’s the beltway media’s business model. Every time the Republicans lie us into the wrong war, crash the economy, or torture people, there’s the beltway villagers saying both sides of the k’rupt duopoly are equally to blame, so as to keep those reptiles coming onto their shows even after their latest atrocity.

    President four-year-old got them to both sides him right into the white house, after which he turned on them, like he turns on everyone as soon as he’s through using them, a well documented trait of his going back decades that they might have seen coming if they weren’t so busy inventing scandals about Hillary to balance each new outrage he threw at them. It was masterful, really.

    But now he’s using it to give cover to the goddamn Nazis.
    We have to put a stop to it by making him and the beltway poltroons answer to reality, because when the evil is out in the light of day, we can put it down.
    If it’s not, maybe we can’t. (end of previous comment)

    There will be a giant backlash to this. Perhaps we can turn Charlottesville into the Kent State of our time, the turning point after which their position is untenable. I heard a smart fellow last night hoping that it would be the “have you no sense of decency” moment from the McCarthy era.
    But Shani is right, if you ever wondered what you would have done if you had lived during one historical event or another, now you get to find out. This is history in the making, and whatever you can do has value. I would also like to point out for those who simply aren’t in a position, for whatever reason, to participate as forcefully as they feel they should, simply being on the right side of this is important. It is so crucial right now that the goddamn Nazis don’t get it in their heads that they are some kind of majority, because they have been after that status for literally centuries, and now they have a friend in the white house, so you know they are gonna grab everything they can.
    Thank you for speaking out, Michelle. You can remind Randy that there will come a day when you laugh together about the time you had to call out the goddamn Nazis (and their enablers) on your blog.
    I think you especially have something important to say because you understand how narcissism works, and that’s all of the sudden become important.

    • This is wonderful, Doug, thank you. The narcissism thing is frustrating as fuck because this nightmare was clear to me before the election even happened. I knew that the outcome was going to be bloody no matter what. He has not surprised me even ONCE. I feel outrage and frustration and fear, but never surprise. It is super frustrating to know how bad a situation is and to have so many people around me just not see it.

  • If you haven’t already (or haven’t heard of it), please check out The Jim Jeffries Show on Comedy Central from last night.
    – long time lurker (I love your blog btw)

  • Wonderful post, sometimes ugly just has to be called by its name. Fear is not what I feel. Outrage is what I feel. I will begin calling tomorrow. This bastard has to go and his cronies as well.

  • Spot on Michelle. I had to block someone on Facebook today because of her right wing rants. She thrived on name calling and bullying tactics…gee, guess who she supported? Sometimes we just have to get up and join the battle. I’ve already commended my usually spineless Senator, Marco Rubio, for blasting Trump on Twitter. Here in north central Florida I keep my “Nasty Woman” sticker on the fridge because you never know who will park next to you at the Winn Dixie but for the most part the little one traffic light town where I live is an artist community and pretty liberal. I was born in the south to proud southern parents but I reject the idea that removing Confederate statues is “revising history” IMO putting up statues celebrating the Great War of the South was revising history…

  • As an Australian now living in London, what the President of the United States does should not affect me in any direct way. Certainly not in any adverse way. But this mofo does it with monotonous regularity.
    I have 2 children from South Korea. We have heart strings connecting us to that small, heavily populated country, Its proximity to one powerful lunatic is frightening enough without a self-serving prick with a puffed out chest, who has most likely never even visited the place, braggingly offering up a nation of over 50million people as a sacrifice to the almighty power of the USA. Pyongyang is a mere 120 miles away from Seoul.
    This weekend proved that he is clearly shitting both on his own pot and the face of the rest of the world.
    America for Americans, he said.
    Whatever the fuck meaningless white privileged call to arms that means…coz he sure as shit didn’t mean Native Americans. It was pretty damn clear he meant “Americans like me”.
    And millions of Americans voted him into power.
    Ugly Americans.
    Call me naive, but I believe that if voting was compulsory ( as it is in Australia… where voting is not a civil right, it’s a civic responsibility) the result of the election would have been different. Too many people stayed quiet because they didn’t believe the lunatic stood a chance. (The Brits are facing the disaster that is Brexit for the same reason… the lunatic fringe was sufficiently motivated to vote yes.)
    So all this to say that to an outsider, it is heartwarming to hear your shout-out
    The majority of Americans need to find their voices and exercise all their democratic and personal rights to live free from tyranny.
    And the rest of the world needs them to do it.
    We are powerless to stop him.

    • I don’t know how I feel about compulsory voting…but you are right, shit would have been different. I think it would be great if everyone voted. I personally would love to see it be compulsory…but I haven’t thought that through and I am sure that people smarter than me would give intelligent opposing views..but I love the idea.

      And yes, the world does need us to step up.

  • Michelle- I so admire your bravery. So admire it.
    The Native American people called this force of evil the spirit of Wetiko and if you read about that, it’s basically just another term for Malignant Narcissist.
    That old chestnut.
    It’s a force of evil and it takes a force of GOOD to counteract it, in the form of EXPOSING THE LIES.
    Narcopaths HATE to be exposed for what they are and love to hide behind their facade of BS.
    Beats me, but we have to keep going until they do.

  • Wendy of the Rock: A nearly 3M numerical majority of Americans voted for HRC in 2016, but we were screwed by the Electoral College, a constitutional relic of the early republic, and an utter anomaly in a modern democracy. Michelle’s opinion is widely shared, and her and similar calls to arms are widely heeded.
    I’ve always supported the Australian compulsory voting system, both when I lived in the UK, and now in the US. Here in the US, we need a constitutional amendment replacing the Electoral College with a popular vote in presidential elections, and making voting obligatory, subject to a fine for non-compliance.
    Michelle: Sorry for the political rant. You started it!

    • Nope…this is all good. The only time I get stressed out is when people are cruel, although, I’m getting better at that as well. And I totally agree that the electoral college has to go.

  • You’ve been through so much and yet you keep going and keep sharing your stories. And you spoke warningly about Trump, with an important perspective that comes from personal experience. Even when it was assumed he would lose you reminded us what a toxic environment he was creating.
    Now, even though it seems like things have only gotten worse, you continue to speak up. To paraphrase a recent popular line, nevertheless you persist. And that’s good because keeping silent isn’t going to make things better. The only way to make things better is to keep speaking up.

  • If we don’t speak up against hate and bigotry we all lose. Thank you for using your blog, which reaches so many, to make your voice heard.

  • Michelle, I totally agree with you and applaud you for have the guts and where with all to put it out there…I know what Randy is saying…and I have thought about this myself. I want my blog to be free of hate and politics so I don’t do this..i want it to be my safe place where I go to write things I love or funny things…but I stand behind you and anyone else who can and does…I do what I can with calling and emails to senators and our governor…
    You go girl!

    • Thank you, sweetness. I feel like this is my safe place, too. I think I’ve only done this once or twice but if I get a super shitty comment, I change it into bad poetry. Like fluffy bunny shit.

  • I’ve tried to avoid politics in my own blog as well, and have thus far, been successful. With my decision to be more active with the blog, an upcoming podcast and a blog and forum connected to said podcast, there is no way, with the way things are, that I’m going to be able to avoid it…. especially considering I am also a child of an alcoholic narcissist that acts JUST LIKE Trump. They could be twin brothers. It’s no surprise that he voted for him, blindly stands behind Trump’s stupidity and is becoming THE EXACT THING HIS FATHER BROUGHT HIM TO THIS COUNTRY TO GET AWAY FROM at the end of WWII. My grandfather was a Wermacht soldier under Hitler in WWII, and he HATED Hitler and everything he stood for. He left Germany and took his family with him just after the war was over and never went back. I served this country and I hope I never have to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps, but it looks more and more like it every day.

    Sorry I just rambled away in your comments, but I really wanted to let you know that I believe it’s very likely that there are more people that agree with you than there are that don’t, and I’m one of the one’s that agree with you. There are so many people lately that are being overly vocal about their hatred and intolerance …. you have absolutely NO reason to keep quiet about standing up for what is right, what is just and what is the best for mankind.

    I’ve been a fan for years now, and I know I’m not going anywhere.

  • I’m late reading this, as usual, but I think it’s well said and I 100% agree. It’s almost impossible to sit back and say nothing, even to people we love who are trump supporters and with whom we try to avoid talking politics, while watching this disaster unfold. Not in a hundred years could anyone have ever convinced me that in my lifetime I would witness the deliberate dismantling of our very democracy and the resurgence of white supremacy (and I’m white and grew up in Birmingham, AL in the 60’s, sickened and horrified by the things that took place there), with a dictator in the white house stoking the flames of hatred and violence. This is a nightmare.

  • I agree with you. My limit was reached when he supported racism, bigotry and white supremacists. I am done. I have been posting something on my Facebook page about standing up and speaking out about these issues. I only have about 50 friends but I will do what I can. Thanks for the Senators’ phone number. I posted that today too. This cannot stand. This is not who we are as citizens of the United States.

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