What Not To Wear After 60

Way back in 2015, before the pandemic, before the non-stop and terribly upsetting election cycle, I wrote an article about things you shouldn’t wear after 50.

The article got a lot of attention. Mostly, for the wrong reasons, but still. Attention.

When I wrote that article, I was half engaged in writing and half watching Sherlock. I think it was in response to seeing another headline about what women should wear based on age.

So, just this morning, I read an article about the clothing designer Carolina Herrera. She claims long hair and jeans on women of a certain age is “classless”.

Fucking really? Classless? 

And her idea of “a certain age” is 30. Fucking 30. She says women over 30 shouldn’t wear jeans anymore. Women over 40 shouldn’t wear long hair. What the fuck? That’s just crazy talk. Based on what? And what is the exact hair length before one gets their class back? Does your hair get shorter with each decade? Like at 40 you can have a bob just above your shoulder, but by 50, your goddamn earlobes better be showing?

I did not care for these sentiments.

Then, I remembered I’m not in my fifties anymore! I have moved on. People in their 50’s are babies. I can now write an article about what we shouldn’t wear after 60!

Listen, I’m cracking my knuckles. Can you hear it? 

Actually, that hurt a little. I guess one of the things you shouldn’t do after 60 is crack your knuckles. Goddamn arthritis.  

First, I would like to acknowledge something important. I kind of said this in the last article, but region, social status, and income make a world of difference on what people value when it comes to parting with their money for fashion. Which is fine. We are all free to adorn ourselves as we see fit.

At least for now. Please, for all that is fucking holy, vote in November. Because no one wants to wear the red handmaid robes. Unless you are on that show. Then you probably do.

With that being said, maybe keep your opinions on what other people choose to wear to yourself. Because it is extraordinarily stupid to attach arbitrary age rules to denim and hair length. Oh, believe me, I know a lot of people will vehemently disagree with this. But this hill? Yeah, I’d die on it.

I’d at least rest on it. But to be fair, I’m going to rest on most hills. Damn.

What we wear doesn’t matter. Does that mean you should wear Nightmare Before Christmas pajamas to the office when they require business casual attire? Of course not. We all have rules to follow or changes to make if we don’t like those rules. Although, I can’t imagine anyone being that invested in the pajamas, but I’m not going to judge.

Anyway, here we go. What not to wear after 60:

I would like to speak to the manager attitude

This is a big one. Please stop. Especially, if you are in the over 60 crowd. We’re already cast in a negative light.

Let’s prove that we are better than that. Lets prove that we can be the elders who are kind and helpful when we are needed. Let’s recognize when it is time to step aside and be supportive.

But I digress.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t get what we pay for or if something isn’t right, that it shouldn’t be made right. I’m just saying that we can be civil and kind when doing so. If you find you talk to service people in a tight, clipped tone a lot? Maybe, dial it back. Be kind. And if you can’t, for your own good, I would avoid certain haircuts.


I am not saying to not be stubborn. Damn. Be stubborn.

I come from a long line of stubborn. My adult children have perfected stubborness. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not always good, but often our stubborness serves us well.

stubborn donkey

What I mean is, don’t be stubborn about inevitable changes. Pronouns for instance. I totally get that change is hard. It is not easy to change word choices you’ve made for decades. I also understand you may harbor strong negative feelings about changing pronouns for people at their request. I don’t agree with you, but I understand you feel the way you feel.

Here’s the thing. Life has moved on and this is what life looks like now. You don’t have to understand it. You don’t even have to like it, but you can be kind. You can be respectful. Try. It does not hurt you to do what you can to help other humans feel comfortable. Like I said, change isn’t easy. I fuck up all the time, but when I catch myself, I acknowledge it and I keep on trying.

You do know that none of this is new, right? Gender identification has always been a thing. We just didn’t talk about it or if we did, we ridiculed it. Was that helpful? Did it change anything? Did it make people that you disapprove of go away? No, it did not. We were wrong then. We have a chance to right that wrong.

If your stubborness issues exist because of religious belief? Well, I mean this as gentle as possible, but no one on the planet has to follow the rules of your religion. You do you. Leave others to be who they are. Without hatred or recrimination or judgement. Let’s just try to be good to each other. Isn’t that what Jesus taught?

Clothespins on your nose

Obviously, if we take this literally, there is no explanation needed. I feel like it works for people in all generations. Wearing a clothespin on your nose would be painful and you would stand out. It’s cool if that’s the look you are going for, but you’ll end up breathing through your mouth and that will just cause health and dental issues. So please, everyone should always not wear clothespins on their noses.

woman with a clothespin on her nose

Except, now I want someone to do that. Go to work with a clothespin on their nose and just walk around like it is just another day in the cube farm. I mean, I’m not going to, but if one of you wants to, then just make sure you get back with me, and let me know how it goes. 

Of course, I meant figurative clothespins. You know that look. That look we get when we see something we don’t like. The look like something smells bad and we wish we had a clothespin for our nose.

How many tattoos does she have? Are those leggings appropriate? Maybe, it’s just me, but I don’t think a gerbil cage makes an attractive hat. 

Is it really a big deal if someone looks different than what you find comfortable for yourself? Do you have to have the same look on your face that you get when you’re checking your shoes for dog shit?

We should be different. Embrace the differences. Maybe you’ll see beauty where you didn’t see it before.


Okay, I know I have said a lot here. I’m not only speaking to you, I am speaking to myself. I am constantly growing and learning. I do have to confront myself when long-held beliefs speak up and whisper ashes from a past that needed to move on.

We’re all capable of change. We’re all capable of growth and acceptance.

Except for this one thing. This one thing is driving me fucking batshit.

I’m watching training videos at work and the person speaking in the video doesn’t make the “tuh” sound when they say “button”. They say “Buh en”. There are two fucking “Ts” in that word. Two. They make a “tuh” sound. You can’t just stop making the “tuh” sound. How is that okay?

See? We all have work to do. Maybe, when I reach 70 and revisit this, I will be over the whole “tuh” thing.


25 Thoughts.

  1. I was quietly enjoying your commentary, thinking yes, yep, agree, be kind. Then I got to “buh en” and nearly shouted, YES THAT IS SO AGGRAVATING, arms waving in air. Why is that a thing?! Nothing replaces proper diction. I’ve already adapted to texting, the associated acronyms and urban slang. Bruh, I got you!

  2. I absolutely love reading your posts! I’ve got years on you so I suspect I’m not going to make it to your ‘over 70’ article, but I’m going to do my best. I get the ‘tuh’ issue….mine is leaving the ‘g’ off of every word ending with ‘ing’. Leavin_, lovin_, doin_ your own thin_.

  3. Whenever I see people look up and down at what I’m wearing I think, This is about them, not me. I just try to be comfortable. Love you!

  4. It’s so funny, bc since the Pandemic, I’m all about my long, white hair, ironic t-shirts and bootleg jeans. Though it’s getting harder to bend down long enough to tie my Docs!
    Herrera is boring — like all snobs.
    I love this, btw. ✨

  5. The Indigo Girls have a song called Perfect World in which they ask “Can we learn to live another way?” and I really wondered about that when I first heard it, then sixteen years ago I had to learn to live another way, and did, and still do.
    Jeans and long hair after a certain age? Aimee Mann is my age, 63, do I have to say anything else?
    One of my very favorite bloggers calls herself Jenny O and her blog Procrastinating Donkey, referring to her supposedly stubborn nature. She is one of my favorite bloggers because I like her, stubbornness ad all.
    I live in California, so the vote I will definitely cast won’t make much difference in the presidential race, but I’ll do whatever I can to make it come out the non Gilead way. At least you get to vote for Sherrod Brown. He’s a good dude. I get to vote for Adam Schiff, who I do like, but didn’t vote for in the primary. I was kinda hoping Katie Porter would make it to the general, but she didn’t. It’s OK, though, any of the three Democrats running would have been an excellent senator, we sort of had an embarrassment of riches there, but now we won’t have a woman senator in California for the first time since ’91, and that is a little bit disappointing.
    It’s good hearing from you again.

  6. I read something about how “bare midriffs” are becoming more popular and there was a question about whether they’re appropriate for work. And I’ve noticed at least one coworker who occasionally wears a top that leaves her navel exposed which I don’t really care about, and I doubt I would even remember it now if I hadn’t read about it becoming a thing. If that one guy can wear sweatpants then someone else can wear a tank top and either way I feel like office life is stifling enough that people should be allowed some leeway in how they express themselves. I think I’ve always felt this way but I’m even more sensitive to it now after being told to get all my personal shit out of my cubicle.
    And also there’s at least one local news person here who talks about the “Tennessee Ti-ans” and I cringe at the missing “t” in the middle there but I’m getting over it.

  7. Ok I am 61 and there are no clothes pegs on my nose because as
    you said painful and I don’t do pain. I like tattoos but not when they cover the whole body and never on the face

  8. The elided ‘t’s are a feature of my regional accent thanks and if you take exception I’ll have to point out, as did Eddie Izzard, that ‘Herb’ has a ******* ‘H’ on it

    • Totally get if it part of your regional accent, but that isn’t the case here. It’s the midwest. We make the “tuh” sound. Except that seems to be changing.

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