What was the middle thing?

I loved A Fish Called Wanda.

I’ve been recalling Kevin Kline’s character, Otto, more and more these days. What was the middle thing?

I’m not saying I’m losing my mind, I’m just saying my mind takes longer and longer strolls.

This year has been trying, y’all. I had yet another doctor appointment for my blood pressure. We’re adding another medicine. I wanted to take zero pills for this and now I’m  taking two.

I think everything started going downhill when I fell in a hole.

Anyway, between work stress and health stress and kid stress and stress stress, my ability to focus has suffered.

an unfocused Michelle

I mean, it’s not all bad. Have I let things fall through the cracks at my job? Yes. Have I let things fall through the cracks at home? Also, yes. Have I bought tickets to events without really understanding what I was doing? Yep, go ahead and check that box “yes” as well. So, you know, not all bad. No one lost an eye or anything.

A few weeks ago, I saw that Christopher Titus would be performing soon.

Randy and I saw him the last time he performed in our area. His wife, Rachel Bradley opened for him. They were both amazing and I felt super excited for them to come back. So, I ordered tickets.

There was an option for a VIP after show happy hour and it was pretty cheap, so you know, hell yeah! Who doesn’t love a cheap happy hour with super funny people? So, I bought two tickets and told Randy. He was kind of amazed by how cheap it was and asked if I remembered what we paid the last time? I did not and I didn’t care. I just knew we were going to actually leave the house, on a weekend, for a reason that didn’t include walking through a produce department and ignoring candy bars at a checkout.  Bonus, the show started at 7:00pm, so it wouldn’t be too horribly late when we got home.

On Friday morning, as I prepared for work, I realized I had no idea where my tickets were for this event, which was the next night. Would they be on my phone? Did I need to print them?

I searched my email and found where I bought two tickets to watch Christopher Titus and Rachel Bradley on a live stream event. I bought two tickets for something we would watch on one computer. And the start time? Pacific time. So, 10:00pm our time.

I calculated the amount of shit Randy would hang on me and decided to just get it over with quickly.

Me: Hey, guess what we are not doing tomorrow night?

Randy: What?

Me: Seeing Titus live. It’s a live stream event.

Randy: Hahahahahahaha

Me: It starts at 10:00pm


Randy: What’s the VIP part?

Me: No idea. I assume a zoom thing or something?

Fine. This was fine. We would adjust. I was still going to enjoy the show. We’d just take a nap or something. No way we’d stay awake that late.

So, last night, I set an alarm. Just in case.

We dialed up a movie that I assume Randy found boring because he was snoring in no time. My eyes grew heavy, but it was all good. I had that alarm set.

Good, thing I set the alarm, because I nodded off as well.

I thought there’d be a new email or something for the event. You know, a link to it? So, I started searching my email again.

The original date for the show was 5/6. At some point, that date changed to 5/13.

So, to recap, I bought 2 virtual tickets to a show, including extra for a VIP thing that I still don’t understand for a time way too late for two old people who always fall asleep early and then also got the date wrong. I think the only thing else I could have done wrong would have been to attempt to buy tickets to see Titus and then, accidentally buy tickets to see Godspell.

After the alarm went off, I spent a few frustrating minutes figuring out there was no reason to have set an alarm. I was wide awake. It took forever to get back to sleep.

Which really gives me hope that I will be able to stay awake next weekend. You know, when the actual show happens.

We bought tickets today to see Nick Cave in Chicago in September. Randy was involved in the process and we are both sure of the date, time, city and venue.  Plus, going to Chicago operates on Central time, so we should be able to stay up without much effort. I checked, but there isn’t a VIP option for Nick Cave, which sucks, because that would be cool.

p.s. Sunday morning, Randy played this video and said, “I’ve found your spirit animal.”

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  1. I’ve been taking two blood pressure medications for fifteen years now and they work fine when I take them. Twice, early on, I didn’t get my refills renewed and my blood pressure went back up. I had hoped that I would stop needing them at some point, but so far no. Except that these days my blood pressure is too low, and we reduced the dose of one drastically, and that kind of helped, but still, a couple of times a week it is down below 100/60. I have an appointment with a different doctor next week (my regular doctor is on paternity leave) so perhaps he will have some useful advice.
    Christopher Titus is the bomb. The last show I got to see was Neko Case back in 2016. It was a birthday gift from our friend Brenda, and she bought us VIP tickets. It was at the Fox Theater in Oakland, and as soon as we walked in the door, I found an usher who took one look at my cane and snatched our tickets from us and replaced them with tickets for the special disabled area that was way better seats and had an elevator in case I couldn’t handle the stairs. It turned out that the stairs weren’t a problem, and the VIP room had its own restrooms that didn’t have long lines to get in. We each ate a meatball and a brownie.
    I get angry at people who keep birds in little cages, so I did enjoy the video.

  2. I’ve been on 2 blood pressure medications for years now. Suddenly my pressure is high so one of them has been increased. I sit on my butt all day long doing surveys. What the hell is raising my blood pressure! Well, now talking about it is aggravating me, but WTF? That video was hysterical. Hope your health overall is improving – you reach a certain point in your life and the pills start appearing from nowhere. I haven’t noticed feeling any differently now that I’m on 5 pills a day!

  3. Michelle… I wish you the best. That parrot video made my day , kinda creepy ( the basement- garage whatever) and hilarious at the same time.

  4. Ok thankfully my blood pressure is good not something I have ever had a problem with but a couple of years back I took 4 different tablets as well as insulin for my type 2 diabetes, now I take 2 tablets only for it.

    My mind also wanders off into limbo often but it finds its way back often getting lost from getting off track.

  5. Several years ago my wife and I went to see The Chieftans in Louisville. We planned to drive there and back all in the same day. Roughly six hours of driving didn’t seem like that much at the time. And we left early to make sure we’d get there before the concert started. Somewhere on the outskirts of Louisville we passed a big clock and I realized we’d lost an hour going from Central to Eastern time. Oh yeah, the big sign we passed that said “Now entering Eastern Time Zone” should have been, you know, a sign.
    The funny thing is we got there just in time for the opening act to finish so we took our seats during intermission. So, you know, sometimes shit works out.
    Also you know those pill containers with the days of the week on them? Those are the one advantage of regularly taking pills because they’re the only way I know what day it is now. So happy Thursday!

  6. Oh my dear God, that was the funniest video I’ve seen in so long!! Thank you so much for the hilarity!! FUCK YEAH!!!!

  7. OMG. I feel you. Reminds me I should check the tickets I bought for hubs for mid-May…I’m pretty sure we’re actually going out though.

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