What Would Buffy Do?

I think I already have a post with this Buffy phrase in the title, but I don’t care. I’m reusing it.

It’s entirely possible that my IT department will veto the current title. My IT department will give me a deep, dark sigh and say “Michelle. Light of my life. You cannot reuse titles”. Then my IT department will change my title and talk about SEO and google searches. I have no idea what comes next, because I completely glaze over after “SEO”.  Anyway, if the title DOES change, it used to be “What Would Buffy Do?”

You guys, yesterday was the 20th anniversary of Buffy.

Twenty goddamn years.

If shows could buy be a drink, then next year, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer could buy me a drink.

I don’t know if I can adequately describe how much this show means to me. I would say that it is on par with The Stand, but you wouldn’t understand that, either, would you?

I hang out with Buffy when I’m struggling the hardest. Buffy comforts me. I don’t even have to really watch because I’ve seen the episodes more times than is reasonable. I mean, I don’t think it gets into “super weird” territory, but at least a little weird.

Watching Buffy calms my brain.

The Stand is a different story. If I have a sinus infection or the flu or strep throat, then I read The Stand. If my illness includes a fever and snotty head, then the only things that make me feel better are Chinese food, hot tea, and reading about most of the humans on the planet dying of the flu.

I lean on Buffy when fear is an overriding feeling.

Fear has been kicking my ass for months now. We still have a little one struggling. If you have a moment, send up a good thought to universe for someone who needs it. Work anxiety got so bad that I kind of got numb to it. I’ve been in flight or fight mode constantly and I’m exhausted. Okay, I have a strong leaning toward “flight”. I would love to get to “fight”. I find it easier to process anger than fear. 

When I get this overwhelmed, I have to feed my brain something familiar. The Doctor, or the Winchesters or the bad ass with a crossbow usually make my brain quiet down. But when it’s really bad, then nothing but Buffy will do.

I’ve been watching a lot of Buffy lately.

Anyway, I didn’t want Buffy’s milestone birthday to pass without mentioning it.

Although, I guess I did since I’m a day late with this post.

Grrrr Argh

Randy had to hurry and put together the Dude page this week. It’s a Dude Mish Mash


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  • Great Saturday read! Happy your IT Dept. didn’t nix your title.
    Your Blog – Your naming party…
    ‘cept when Randy’s right 😉

    I mean… look at your ‘What not to wear…’ series. How are you going to have a reliable series going if you don’t run a couple of parallels?

    Actually, I might look forward to some of your entries EVEN MORE (if that’s possible!) if I saw that it was a continuation/addendum to a previous post.

    Hmmnnn… like chapters in a book. Dare I say/suggest/imply/hint/motivate…. ?

    (pick one 😉 )

    The anxiety levels ‘en masse’ are palpable. People I know who are steady and stable as a rock are showing the signs of ‘edginess’ and ‘skittishness.’ Between not knowing what the ‘safe’ topics are anymore and who you can ‘safely’ visit with over the previously mundane is exhausting 🙁

    You and your special little are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I hope you can feel little bits of hope and calm from out of nowhere. I KNOW you feel the support of your readers.

    Thanks for sharing Dude. HE makes me smile, for no good reason other than a grown man playing with a stuffed dog to make his wife feel human.

    That is what will keep us going.
    And a loving husband who is willing to work as hard at happy as it takes to make that happy happen for one important person so she can multiply the happy and share it .

    After she gets her Buffy on 😀

  • Right there with ya. Watched it when it was on real tv, and have watched it again with both my kids and just for fun. Own the box set, from the days when dvds were a thing. If Buffy and little Willow can grow up to be big and strong and beat up baddies, so can I. Also, fuck the patriarchy, WHY is there only one strong woman in the world? Screw you guys, we’re giving ALL potentially strong women all the power they need. Best series ending EVER.
    Michelle, you rock, you super slayer you.
    Grrrr Argh.

  • My bestie, Jen and I watched that religiously. If one of us was out on a Buffy night, the other HAD to tape it (Hell to pay if either of us failed!). On one Buffy day, I was having major-ass, 12 hours on the table, almost-lost-my-legs surgery, . When the good cutters pulled me out of Anesthesia Heaven, Jen and my amazing husband were at my side. First words outta my mouth, fer realies, were “Did you tape Buffy?” Yes. Yes she had. PHEW!

    Right now, to get through all the crazy, I’ve been binge watching Big Bang. NEEDs more Buffy. Joss Whedon ought to reboot the series, ya know, for US and, OK, the rest of humankind.

    • That is awesome. And I so much understand. I did NOT start watching until after the series ended..but just by a few years. Then I had to watch Angel.

  • Angel – rough start (too many gorgeous blond babes in distress) but it got WAY better. That show needed one more season…at least!

  • I’ve been leaning on music, like I do, and man am I ever thankful for YouTube. All of the stuff that I used to have to hunt through the used sections at the record stores to find is on there. Just type it in and there it is.
    Some times things get taken down, so I have a terabyte of external drive to download the essential stuff to.
    And rock concerts! There are zillions of them. I’ve watched three Primus shows in the last week and I sort of feel an Aimee Mann binge coming on, since I just found out that she has a new album coming out at the end of the month that she’s calling “Mental Illness.”
    I’m really getting mileage out of the Beats By Dre earbuds I got for my birthday.
    Never watched Buffy, probably because I’ve never had a television, but I do have friends who are sort of fanatical about it.
    So I hope you work stress levels get down into the manageable range very soon, because I’ve been there, and didn’t like it much.

    • I don’t like it either. Not at all. I’m tired. Randy has been watching a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Other End Of The Telescope” by Aimee Mann. We usually watch it a half a dozen times a week.

  • What you said ❤

    Buffy, my go-to show for late night feedings when my son was born…And The Stand for the exact same reasons, but audiobook version since I’m recovering from eye surgery 🙂

    Don’t worry, it’s all gonna be ok…

  • I’ve never seen the show outside of a few bits and pieces.

    But it’s like jazz music: I’m saving it for some time in the future. When I think of some of my favorite albums and movies, I sort of wish I could experience them for the first time again.

    So I put some things off.

    I’ve heard good things about it, though.

    • I get what you are saying, I feel that way about a lot of things..that I wish I could experience again for the first time. Not music or shows for me. It usually takes a while for me to warm up to something new. Sometimes it hits me hard from the start.

  • Who ARE you??? Buffy! The Stand! The Doctor! These are my beloveds, my cultural references. They all hold huge spaces in my heart. I watched Buffy because my teenage son told me I needed to, then Angel because I had to. My honey and I used to watch The Doctor on pbs way back in the day. This is all to say: I’m with you sister. The scary shit doesn’t stand a chance against these three. We’ll get through this. You hang in there.

    • I didn’t start watching until after the series ended. I had a boss who loved it and I made fun of him for loving it. Then we made a deal, he would watch the first season of Rescue Me and I would watch the first season of Buffy. I watched all 7 seasons in less than 6 months. He also loved Rescue me, but I think I got more out of the deal.

  • Dammit, what is wrong with me? I have been meaning to watch Buffy for many years now. It’s been on my to-do list. As far as I know I’ve never seen a single second of it, a confession which makes people who know me scream, “WHO ARE YOU?”
    Right now I’m watching “The Prisoner” which is all kinds of fantastic and which turns fifty this year, so obviously I should follow this up with finally seeing Buffy to celebrate its 20th birthday.
    Seriously, I have no excuse because I work for a library that has the entire series on DVD. Also the Teletubbies turn 20 this year.
    The baby whose face is in the sun in that show can now legally drink.
    That makes me want a drink. And to watch Buffy.

  • I was addicted to the spinoff Angel. I have too many shows to count–many of them awful shows that just don’t seem that awful to me because I have fond memories of watching them during a time of my life or some that just aged better than expected. I am a binge type when things are sucky. Either, like Doug above, I listen the hell out of music, or I decide to watch some show that just gives me a happy feeling. If I like a show, I’ve probably seen more episodes than I can count. I remember when channels used to do weekend marathons. I could easily plop my butt down on the sofa and watch until I fell asleep, wake up and watch more.

    • I loved Angel as well. I have watched Buffy up until Angel started and then finished them in order, alternating episodes. I did that while walking on my treadmill every night. One would think I’d be skinny. haha.

  • I hear ya. I don’t know Buffy, but wish I had something like it to go to for the feelings I too am feeling these days.
    Most days my panic attacks are so bad I can’t feel my legs.
    That can’t be good.

    They say misery loves company, but really I would rather be sitting in a bar with you and laughing about all the silly things than commiserating.

    Sometimes life just sucks.

    But, I also know that depression lies.

    And that is what I hang on to.

    So hang in there. Go snuggle your kitty. And if it is helping watch Buffy. Lots and lots of Buffy.

    I will watch When calls the Heart because it is shlocky and has a very cute Mountie. Takes my mind of my tingly legs at least for 40 minutes.

  • I never got into Buffy – but can relate because (hello??!!) Doctor Who. Except Buffy’s over. And Doctor Who is still running. So I’m sorry. I feel your pain. I don’t know what I’d do if Doctor Who ever ended (luckily, doesn’t appear to be an issue)…

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