Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey


If you aren’t a Doctor Who fan, “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” probably won’t make much sense.

But really, what makes sense anymore? Does anything make sense?

I did not realize how much I needed clearly delineated separation of events.

For instance, when life was what we were used to, before I worked in the morning, certain things happened. I would wake up and fuck about on the internet until I had nearly no time to get ready and I would throw on makeup, fix my hair, get dressed and leave.

My commute was between 25-35 minutes. I spent that time wisely. I switched between the 80s and 90s stations on Sirius and yelled at other drivers because they’re assholes. I kind of miss them now.

I would get to work, have my morning conversation with my office mate and settle in for the day. I would try not to calculate how many minutes were left before I could start the commute home.

As it were, the routine was actually important to me.

Now? Time is just a continuous glob of things that happen. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

There is no separation. I’m just usually in my bedroom, now my bedroom/home office.


What the fuck does makeup even mean? I’m just going through the motions to bathe and even that is not often enough.

Although, I think my skin is looking pretty good. I think not stripping my face of all it’s moisture quite so much is equaling out the additional alcohol I’m consuming.

Life will continue to be strange and I accept my struggles.

I’m trying to find positive ways to counter the anxiety and depression I feel over my new “not routine” and over all the frightening and sad news we are deluged with daily.

You guys, the USPS is in trouble. We need the post office. I went online and bought some stamps. If you can afford to, why don’t you order a few stamps yourself? We need the fucking post office.

So, now I have these stamps coming I don’t really need and  thought perhaps now would be the perfect time to bring back the art of letter writing.

If any of you would like a letter or a postcard from me, hit me up on my contact page and I will write you a letter.

At least, until I run out of stamps.

In other news, I got a new writing gig for the Perry Blog and have published two stories there so far. You guys should check them out.

Fair warning, the blog is dedicated to perimenopause, so some of you might not be overly interested in the content.

I hope you are all staying safe. I hope if you have a new routine that it is not messing with you too much.

Take care of each other. Stay home if you can. Wash your hands.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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  • Am I really the first commenter?!? BTW, I’d love to have an old-fashioned pen pal – I’ve got a lot of notecards left over from my son’s rehab ordeal… (Turns out I COULDN’T write him faithfully as I had planned bcz they didn’t grant the privilege of mail service)
    Anyway, I know what you mean about relying on familiar routines – but at least you’ve given me another idea, to go back & rewatch my Dr Who DVD’s!
    Thanks for articulating what so many of us are feeling…

  • Now I feel guilty because I just bought 100 Forever Stamps from Etsy instead of USPS because of the YUGE price difference.

    I’m an early Dr. Who (Tom Baker-#4) fan and haven’t seen it since, although my husband watches. Somebody needs to explain to me what cosmic action happened to allow so many more Doctors to appear when there was ALWAYS a maximum of ….I don’t remember – 8? Now they’re up to “officially” 13, but there are spin-offs and stand alone movies with other Doctors.

    I’d be delighted to be a Pen Pal and ever write back to you using my IBM Correcting Selectric II Typewriter! Bought NEW and working. (Have you guessed my age yet?).

    Keep washing and stay safe!

  • Wow. Just commented on your Invisible Woman article on the Perry blog and found out what it’s like to be invisible. I clicked post and the entire comment vanished!

  • David Tennant’s Doctor Who iconic verbalizations (fave Doctor — along with Tom Baker,) Gerd Altmanm (One of my fave image creators on Pixabay) and Covid-19 madness all in one post! I am super-impressed, truly!

  • I just remembered that I have a pretty big postcard collection. Most of the time when I go to a place I pick up whatever postcards I can find. They’re usually in drugstores now which makes it kind of convenient to get them. I have some duplicates and, hey, as long as I’m at the drugstore I can get more and the fact that someone could send a postcard from Juneau, Alaska to Key West, Florida for just thirty-five cents IS A FUCKING MIRACLE. Even if it weren’t Constitutionally called for a business that can do that deserves support.
    And I know what you mean about the routine. I’ve had to invent a whole new routine so that from a non-subjective perspective my days aren’t quite so non-linear.

    • Randy is also a postcard collector. I have enough notecards and postcards to keep me busy for a year.

      I hope you and yours are staying safe, Christopher. 🙂

  • I once knocked a stack of Casbah couscous boxes over with the forklift. Does that count as rocking them?
    It would appear that Aussa has taken her blog down, as has Megan, leaving you and the Hook as the bloggers remaining from the group of you I discovered back in 2013 when my data consumption was limited to 6 GB/month and I was scouting out text based activities on the internet mostly from the Bloggess’ comment section.
    Thank you for hanging in there, blogs are kind of a big deal for me, even now that I have good internet again.
    I liked your stories. I haven’t had insomnia since I quit getting high, but these days my body wants to be asleep at a certain time and awake at another certain time, and I do get cranky if my routine gets derailed. God, I sound old.
    Fuck that, I am old. I will turn 60 this year should I live until the middle of December.
    I probably will.
    Hang in there. I’m going for my daily walk up to the old mill pond now, while the weather is still dry.

    • I’m glad you are still here! You and Randy were born in the same year. He turns 60 in July, though.

      I still blog because I feel like it is the one thing I have that I do for me. I also still blog because I cherish the connections I have made. Y’all are important to me, so stay safe.

  • It’s weird but as an essential employee my life hasn’t changed and I’m surrounded by people that have had their lives torn apart. Even still I never bothered worrying about how the world felt I should be.

  • I was Seriously thinking last week that “Michelle should rerelease her blog about 50ish thoughts that run thru her brain when she can’t sleep”. And BAM! There it is all new! Lucky me. Thanks

  • “I think not stripping my face of all it’s moisture quite so much is equaling out the additional alcohol I’m consuming.” HAHAHAHA!!! yes, sadly yes. And I’m impressed your house is clean; I’ve ceded my kitchen to the ants. Go ahead, have at it fuckers.
    I have a pair of earrings, one says Timey Wimey, and the other says Wibbly Wobbly. I loved Tennant’s Doctor! Actually I love all the Doctors.
    Anyhow it’s after 10am so think I’ll fix a cocktail. Benefits of retirement.
    Stay safe&sane. Or at least safe.

  • I mailed a birthday card to our daughter-in-law yesterday. It’s the only thing we’ve had to do on a schedule since the last family birthday. But you make a really good point. I’m going to buy stamps too. We need the USPS! Hang in there in your non-routine…we’re right there with you!

  • OMG. I have been missing in action reading your blogs, but my mental health (perhaps, maybe, kinda) is smoothing out – I totally relate to the term everyone is throwing around these days – flattening the curve. Anyways, glad to be reading you again, and I am sure the drivers you used to swear at on your commute are missing you too!
    Here’s hoping the wibbly wobbly timey wimey is going to end sometime in 2020

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