I Was Wrong About The Open Letter Thing. Sorry.


Last week I wrote an open letter to the dude in the next car. I said that I didn’t remember ever writing an open letter, but then someone on twitter reminded me that I once posted an open letter to my kid’s douchy ex-boss. That open letter was definitely of the ranty sort.

Anyway, I wrote the open letter post last week after reading a shouty open letter from a blogger written to other bloggers. I also wrote another piece for Mock Mom about writing an open letter to someone writing an open letter after reading an open letter. Or something like that. You guys should go over there and visit. That one was fun to write.

Speaking of the “I hate mommy bloggers” open letter, I enjoyed this response fromΒ Samara of A Buick In The Land Of Lexus.

I hope y’all are having a kick ass weekend. So far, I’m avoiding more housework and drinking a fuck ton of coffee.

Also, if you haven’t seen the Chewbacca laughing lady, you have to watch this. I laughed until I fucking sobbed. My friend, Mountain Girl insisted that I watch it when we were on Skype last night. I am so glad she did. I needed to laugh that hard.

Here are some memes that were on the Rubber Shoes In Hell Facebook page.


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  • Samara’s post WAS excellent. And yes, I’m certain that someone will dress up like a clown. There will also likely be someone with a light saber.

  • I know you’ve kept me laughing and pissed off all week.
    Sometimes at the same time.
    But, never at you. Pissed nor laughing.
    You’re my Blog crush…
    *said with slight whiney, nasal overtones*
    Terri Lee? Wanna come over to MockMom with me and make more comments on the comments?
    I gotta save these Memes real quick…love the weirdly normal rabbit one!

      • Which is why you two Rock the Casbah!!
        I wanted to ask, (it was about the time of the lonely rabbit looking out over the vast empty sagebrush (my FAVE) ) but when you said Randy found the traffic one, I figured he was your art department as well as your IT guy.
        Now I know why Randy is so alluring…
        Besides the Rock Star look…

        • He is! He is my art department and my IT person and my muse. He says the funniest most fucked up shit and makes it easy to write. Although, he would say that I’m the one saying fucked up shit. Which, honestly, is fair.

  • People dressed up as clowns will trigger the apocalypse, so yes there probably will be!
    Yes, that was a measured and intelligent response to that saddening attack on women bloggers.
    As for my weekend, I finished my last exam of the year yesterday, came home and wept a little. Sometimes I remember just how far I’ve had to climb in the last five years and how much further I have to go. Now all I have to do is find enough work to pay the rent till September……but hey, I have a gig tonight, so I guess I’d better nuke the grey!

    • You know what is funny? I was looking for something in an old post JUST THIS MORNING and read a comment of yours when you were just about to start school. And now you’ve taken the final exam for the year! GO YOU! YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!!!

      You have the tea…I’m having more coffee and I am raising my mug to you. πŸ™‚

  • I wish I could post pics and memes as a response…
    Maybe I could if I wasn’t such a technotrog…
    And now you mention it, I remember the post about Joey’s boss… But as it wasn’t an open letter about open letters I think you’re safe

    • Hahah..yeah, I completely forgot about that one. Then I reread it and got all fucking pissed off again. I still want to go yell at that guy so bad.

  • Congratulations on the no-booze weekends. It takes a lot of self control to keep putting that shit off. Good job.

  • I remember the Joey’s boss open letter post, now that you mention it.
    The meme about “normal” reminded me of a Subnormality comic you might like. I found it on Digg years ago and have been reading it ever since:
    One of my favorite political bloggers calls herself BlueGal and is now on staff at a large political blog called Crooks and Liars. I started reading her in 2005. Back then, when she posted about her kids, she would tag the post “this is not a mommy blog” to keep the haters at bay, so there have been that species of hater around for at least 11 years. She also did a post about her second trip to BlogHer in which she decried the monetizing and branding obsession. She also used to tag posts that mentioned yarn or knitting with “this is not a knitting blog” so maybe she just didn’t like being pigeon holed?
    The whole “click bait” phenomenon is actually important now that so many people get their primary news sources online. That’s aside from the ripple effect that gratuitous negativity has on regular people’s daily lives. I try to be positive in my online contributions, for what it’s worth, and on a good day (like yesterday) someone tells me that my comment brightened their afternoon. That doesn’t seem that hard to figure out to me, but then again I’m not trying to make money or rack up page views…

      • Doug in Oakland – I figured you could look to the North and see the glow last Tuesday. You made me feel all warm and happy… but now I gotta be hilarious so I don’t let you down… it’s gonna be tough and I’ll probably go overboard and overdo it trying to receive more of your praise and approval and….
        Ah shit… you know how it is…

  • I know nothing about Mommy Blogs because I don’t read them. But I love your open letter to the dude in the next car, and your memes. I’ll take one of them any day over a mommy blog. And if laughter really does make us healthy, you and the laughing Chewbacca lady are both doing a fine job keeping your readers young. Who’d a thunk a mask could have somebody just sitting alone in a car laughing her fool head off?
    BTW, what’s a no booze weekend?

  • I wanna hang out with the Chewbacca lady…that is fucking hilarious, I’m crying. The little joys…love her! Patience people! Patience!

  • I’ve been MIA from blogging for a while. Glad I discovered you through all this blog and open letter drama. Discovering you and Chewie Mom has made my week!

  • Oh my gosh, I had forgotten about writing an open letter. There is a whole boatload of stuff I need to say to people. Who knows, maybe some of it will even be nice stuff…and with not a swear word in sight (boring huh?)

    I have in my sidebar list…that is a good thing!


  • When I saw the title of this post I was afraid you were going to take back what you’d said about the unnecessary, uncalled for attack on “mommy blogs”.
    Oh me of little faith…
    I’m also sure there are people who will mock and criticize Chewbacca Lady because the internet is full of assholes but I don’t care. The only thing I didn’t like was that I wished the mask would be quiet for just a minute because her laughter was so infectious and so much fun to listen to.

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