The Heartbreak Of Zoom Meetings

Okay, I am not going to ignore the fact that the soon to be ex president attempted a coup. I’m not going to pretend insurrectionists didn’t storm the Capitol building.

I’m just saying, I’ve been saying for a long time now that this would happen. I mean, not exactly what happened, how could I know? But I knew it would be bloody and bad. And I don’t think we’re anywhere near done with this. I think when we learn the depths to which this planned event reached, we will collectively lose our breath.

The next few months are going to be interesting.

All that being said, I wanted to tell you guys about the Zoom meeting I attended last Thursday.

I already have a super hard time paying attention in meetings. When I can’t actually see the people, it’s even harder. gertie Especially, if one of my cats is in the room being particularly cute.

Anyway, I was in a meeting with the marketing department and the graphic artists. We were discussing a new way of getting signage data to them for when they make signs. I wasn’t paying close attention because they went off topic for a minute and it was boring. Then, I hear one of the marketing dudes say “tertiary”.

The fuck did he just say? Did he say tertiary? What’s tertiary? 

My brain searched and tried to come up with what I learned in school. I got a stellar education at Grant County High School in Dry Ridge, KY. By stellar, I mean a terrible education. Or did I need to go all the way back to 1972 and Sister Jones at St. Augustine elementary?

Doesn’t it have something to do with rocks? Is it one of the layers of the earth? Wait..wait, what are the layers of the earth? No…no the Magna Carta is not one of the layers of the earth. 

He said tertiary again, but I wasn’t paying attention because I was trying to remember what the layers of the earth are.

By the third time he said it, I figured out what it meant through context. He was talking about multiple items on a single sign as single, secondary, tertiary and quad.

Oh, okay, tertiary is what comes after secondary. 

After the Zoom meeting was over, I looked up tertiary.

It does mean what comes after secondary. And it’s an era of time and the rocks deposited during that time. So, I was kind of right. Except the Magna Carta part. That was off. 

The layers of the earth are, of course, the crust, the mantle, the inner core and the outer core. I had to look that up as well. I think I got “mantle” mixed up with “Magna Carta”. I mean, for a second. I think “magma” is mixed up in there as well.

I looked up the Wiki on the Magna Carta. I had the time frame right and knew it had something to do with rules.

Like between the Ten Commandments and the U.S. Constitution.

Or maybe Fight Club rules.

But somewhere in that whole range of rules.

Okay, it’s a broad fucking range, but after reading the Wiki, I think the Magna Carta does fall within that range. And also has nothing to do with the layers of the earth.

I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to do with my work project, but I did learn a few things, so that’s cool. But I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about them.

It’s Monday morning. I have no idea what the day will bring. And I can hardly even contemplate a whole week.

Hang on.

Take care of each other. Find things to smile about. Look for pretty things.








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  • Yes, we DID know.
    No, we did not know how bad.
    How could we?
    It’s been incredibly hard to get off Twitter today. My cockles are being warmed by the ‘fuck your feelings’ getting their feelings fucked.
    In so many ways we never dreamed possible.
    How could we?
    *looks around for sparkly, pretty things*

  • Your googling of tertiary reminds of when I used to do medical transcription. I’d have to look up a term to verify what I thought I was hearing and would often end up down a rabbit hole. One time I was verifying the use and spelling of medical instrument a doctor dictated, and ended up on a website where the medical instrument was used a sex toy. I was both fascinated and repulsed and spent way too much time there. I always said that job would get me in trouble if they looked at my browsing history lol.

    I’ve been ignoring FB for months and months, but posted a cute picture of my cat a couple of days ago, just because I miss those simple days when no one was attempting a coup.

  • I’ve been saying since he was elected that it was going to take a crow bar to get his fat ass out of the WH. I knew that he wanted desperately to become Emperor of the World. I knew that some of his loyal cult followers would do ANYTHING he asked, up to and including taking over the physical government (buildings, armaments, etc.). What I didn’t expect was the moderate response from our Police and armed forces. It was as if someone told them to go easy so as to not get out of hand. And how did that work out. With EVERYONE’S face on FB and Twitter, how can we not find and arrest ALL of them. Not necessarily the people out side who initially were peacefully protesting (schmucks), but the hideous monsters so easily led by the cult master. Those people who were set on mayhem and perhaps death (of others, not themselves).
    I’m still boiling and believe it’s going to take a while to calm the hell back down. But you help. So, thanks for that. (Is that Alfie?)

  • This eye of the storm is so much bigger than I thought it would be. Thank you for the word of the day! Stay positive, be kind, be well, and pray we come out of this with no more lives lost. I’m so anxious [and not in a good way] about what is going to happen on the 20th. We’ve been riding this shit show of a storm for so long, we have to hang in there for a while longer. We will do it together! Stay safe!

  • Glad to know what tertiary means… This is just the way I like to start a Monday! Suites me just fine! Perfect and Thank you

  • I have a zoom in 10 mins and I am having a hard time holding it together reading and listening to news commentary. I’m so afraid of everything that is happening. Glad you learned some new things this am. Hang in there indeed. sighs..

  • From High Ticket Attractions, by the New Pornographers:

    The Magna Carta, it’s underwater
    We left it there for the sons and the daughters
    One day they’ll find it; they’ll be reminded
    When we live undersea like we ought to

    I keep running across little things that make me feel a little better about what might become of the fine folks who lost their damn minds and attacked the US capitol building.
    Like the fact that said building is thick and dense and yet needs the people who work there to be able to communicate with ease and security, so to facilitate this, it has its own cellular network with transmitters throughout the place and logs kept of everything that they do or encounter.
    In other words, all those who stormed the building with their phones on them left identifiable digital fingerprints of their every move.
    And then there’s the DNA that can be extracted from the shit…
    Maybe I’m biased by the life I’ve led, but I keep bumping up against the notion that all of those rioters wouldn’t make a wart on the ass of an actual outlaw.
    Well, not all of them, as apparently there were non-Duck Dynasty cosplayers among them who appeared to have military training.
    Anyway, I have never used Zoom, the computer conferencing program, but I do have a couple of Zoom effects devices for my guitar set up, and my laptop has a weird little icon in the lower right hand corner that is about something called “Meet Now” which I’m assuming is Microsoft’s version of Zoom.
    I haven’t used it, either, but I clicked on it to see what it was after it appeared there a month or so ago.
    When our cat wants us to stop paying attention to our computers, he jumps right up on the table and stands in front of them, resplendent, until we comply with his demands, or if not, he will escalate the situation by sitting on Briana’s earphones until she snaps at him “Listen cat, you’re cute and all, but get your damn butthole off of my earphones!”
    I hope y’all are holding up well as the apocalypse enters its denouement, and are finding things to be happy and hopeful about.

  • I love it when my brain snags on some weird bit of information and I zone out in a Zoom meeting. In fact one of the great things about working in a library is I have access to all kinds of databases with odd facts. Yeah, there’s also the internet, but it can lead to some dark places and with the shit going on in the world I think we need the occasional escape. Anyway you got me wondering about where the word “magma” came from. Turns out it’s originally a Latin word for “semi-solid residue or dregs of an unguent” which makes the Earth’s interior sound a lot more disgusting than it really is, and also makes me wonder what the fuck the Romans were doing that they needed a specific word for “dregs of an unguent”.

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